With Soccer in their Blood

Text: Luis Suarez y Glorianna Salcedo

Connner y Calvin Rezende are the first American set of twins who play for a professional club in the U.S. From early childhood, they inherited the passion for soccer from their Brazilian father. At the age of four, they were already dedicating their lives to the soccer field. The twins have played at the University of Virginia and Saint Francis University. They have also lived in Italy, Spain and Brazil. Discover more about them:

What is your favorite food?
Conner: Pasta carbonara.
Calvin: Fish and rice.

What kind of music do you like?
Conner: Hip hop.
Calvin: Classic and Hip hop.

Favorite movie?
Conner: Spiderman.
Calvin: Rocky.

A word that defines you:
Conner: Committed and passionate.
Calvin: Also, committed and passionate.

Something you hate:
Conner: Lies.
Calvin: Selfishness.

Who taught you to love soccer?
Conner: Soccer is in our blood.
Calvin: Soccer is in our blood.

Did you get along as brothers or did you fight a lot?
Conner: Not much.
Calvin: Not much, the usual.

Who is better out of the two of you?
Conner: Some people say my ball handling skills are better; we both have the same style of play.
Calvin: I am physically stronger.

How do you see youth soccer in Florida?
Conner y Calvin: We see the league is growing, there are a lot of professional teams, but it needs to improve.

What is missing for soccer in Florida?
Conner: There is a need for improvement.

How do you prepare physically for a match?
Conner: I train five times a week, it’s a lot of hard work.

How do you prepare mentally?
Conner: I like quiet places to focus on the match.
Calvin: I like to be in a calm environment and watch the competitor’s games.

What would you say to the kids who want to play soccer professionally?
Conner: Keep moving forward and be serious about commitment and respect.
Calvin: They should never stop trying.

How do you feel at Miami FC?
Conner: It’s very exciting to be signed by the team.
Calvin: We have good relations. They help us develop the areas that need improving.

What do you do to improve your performance on the field?
Conner: Focus on training and deal with the pressure.
Calvin: I don’t eat any fried food; I just eat protein, fruits, bars and energy boosting food.
“I think we’ve never been apart for more than two days.
“Nesta expects a lot from us. He is teaching us a lot. He played at the highest level and we want to get to the same place.”