Weston FC U13 – Soccer, Italian-style

The Weston’s kids are ready to begin a new adventure in Rome, Italy. The purpose of the trip is to promote the kids at international competitions. “As a club, we know this is the moment when the players are developing” says Alessandro Sbrizzo, coach of the team. “That’s why we’re going with our minds set on doing better”. He commented.
During this trip, the U13 Weston FC’s kids may compare the structure and level of Italian clubs which are more developed in soccer terms.


According to the coach, the U13 West FC team expects to compete at the highest level, and try to do a good job in every aspect: in terms of game, responsibility, behavior, and getting the players to use this experience to feel they’re at an important environment. “We have a balanced team, with speed, technique and physical skills. Even though we have all those aspects, the emotional side always plays a part in the matches” says coach Alessandro Sbrizzo.

Time for everything

The Weston FC’s kids will also have some days off so they can visit the city of Rome, which is very important historically. Some parents will join them, but they will not travel with the team.
“We want the parents to join us, so they can observe the differences between American and European soccer, and that we need to be walking on solid ground. Sometimes what is done locally is a different reality, and when you go out there to see the actual truth, you can tell we are still lacking something” comments coach Sbrizzo.
The U13 Weston FC team is ready to represent South Florida soccer in Italy. The trip will take place from September 2 to September 11. They will face the following teams: Lazio, Perugia, Ternana, Roma, Frosinone, Racing Club and Urbetevere.

Brian López

Age: 13
Position: Midfielder
Favorite player: Messi
Favorite food: Lasagna
Favorite book: Flipped
Trip expectations: Go far in the competition, make it to finals, and win.
Andrés Cardenas
Age: 13
Position: Left winger
Favorite player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite book: Percy Jackson
Trip expectations: Go far in the competition, score a lot of goals and play well as a team.
Jack Riescher

Age: 13
Position: Central defender
Favorite player: Laurent Koscielny
Favorite food: Shrimps
Favorit book: Maze Runner
Trip expectations: I am excited to play against the Italian boys and about the experience in Europe.

Amílcar Pérez

Origin: Cuba
What do you think the trip to Italy will teach your son?
He’ll be in a place where soccer is very different and will find high level opposition. It will also be the first time he will travel abroad without his parents, so it would be a good experience for him.
How does your kid feel before the trip?
Very happy and very excited.
Mark Humbles

Origin: Ireland
What do you think the trip to Italy will teach your son?
It will be helpful culturally but will also show the boy’s level as players.
How does your kid feel before the trip?
He’s very excited.
Rafael Peluffo

Origin: Uruguay
What do you think the trip to Italy will teach your son?
Commitment, the experience of traveling abroad with the team, and sense of belonging.
How does your kid feel before the trip?
He is very excited and happy to travel.