Weston FC: Girls Attack

Girls just wanna have soccer.
Weston FC’s girl teams join the ECNL Elite Clubs National League, a challenging platform.

Florida begins a new era for female soccer, with the start of the ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) and the recent acceptance of Weston FC from next August. Carlos Parra, Weston Girls Technical Director, tells us everything about the program.

ECNL is very important for girls to get scholarships for their studies and to develop their full potential, says Carlos. This new stage places Florida to a higher level on female soccer.

How many girls attended the ECNL tryouts?
Around 415.

In what divisions will they play?
U-13 y U-18 and 20 to 25 are accepted by division.

Where do the best soccer players usually come from in The U.S.?
From Texas, California, New York, New Jersey.

How many matches will the Weston girls play in a regular season?
About 33 matches. Universities’ coaches attend to every game because they know that Weston has the best of the best.

Is there any difference between girls and boys training?
The curriculum is the same, but the volume of work is a little different with them. We have training 4 days a week, plus weekend matches.

With regard to other teams, at what level are the girls?
We have all kinds of players, at all levels.

¿How do you see the future of female soccer in WFC?
It’s going to be the best place for female soccer in Florida.

¿What do you expect from female soccer in WFC?
We are very happy for what is coming for female soccer. Great things are coming.


1. When did the Girls Program begin in WFC?

2. How many girls are playing?

3. How many teams?

4. What divisions?
U8 to U18

5. In what tournaments have you participated in this season?
We are heading to ECNL/FPL/SFYSA, CASL/ Disney/ Weston CUP.


Name: Juan Carlos Parra
Age: 39 years old
Position in Weston: Weston FC Girls Technical Director
Professional Teams: Metro stars, Miami fusion
New England Revolution,
World Championshp U20 USA National Team in Malaysia
Favorite international team: Atlético Nacional, Colombia
Favorite movie: Gladiator
A word that defines you: Humbleness
Something you hate: Arrogance
Favorite food: Bandeja paisa
Pet: A dog
The most sacred: My son Sebastian, my heroe.
Favorite place: Medellín