Weston FC, a machine with heart.

The Club combines a passion for soccer, with high doses of technical work, discipline, health and values.

With more than 1,100 players and 47 coaches, the work of teaching, support and empower players is huge. There are hundreds of hours of practicing, educational talks, to shape the character of the players. The coaching staff led by Victor Pastora combines technique with psychology, sports medicine with leadership, theory and practice, so that all children grow up with values and develop their talents.

For Pablo Rivera, Weston FC U17 coach, the team is ready but it has to play with maturity. Pablo says that “we have a team ready to become first at the tournament, but we first concentrate on winning game by game.”

The concept of David Sanders, Weston VP Club Sponsorship, “the key is to find those kids who really have a passion for the sport.”

For David, the most important part of the process, beyond the sport training for those who want to become professional players, is to build their character for life. Here children can spend 5, 6 or more years, we are like a family, and as a family we should seek the best for them in all aspects, not just sports.”


Weston FC U17
Position: Captain – Central
-What motivated you to play soccer?
Seeing the Colombia Team play.
-Your favorite club: Barcelona
-Favorite player: Messi
-Goal: Play college soccer

Weston FC U17
Position: Forward
-How long have you played in the team?
9 years
-What motivated you to play soccer?
-When I lived in Venezuela, I liked it a lot and my grandpa!
-Your favorite club: R. Madrid.

Weston FC U17
-How long have you played in the team?
One Year
-Your favorite club: Barcelona
-Favorite player: Kun Agüero
-Goal: Reach professional soccer

Weston FC U17
Position: Midfielder
-How long have you played in
the team?
3 years
-What motivated you to play soccer?
My dad, he was sub professional
-Your favorite club: R. Madrid
-Goal: Play college soccer and then in Europe or South America.