Victor Pastora – “Soccer is to be enjoyed”

Sincere, straightforward, a family man: This is Victor, Head of Sporting activities at Weston FC, who opens to us the door of his house and heart to know his ideas about soccer for kids and young people.

If there is a word that defines Victor would be “family”. From the moment you step into his Miami house, one can tell that family, kids –the youngest ones Andres y Victoria swarming around their father-, his wife Beverly, comes first. In the middle of the living room, a tent is set up, soccer balls, shoes, dolls, laughter. And without a doubt, this concept is taken to his job and to the main ideas that move this coach, a guerrilla’s nephew in Nicaragua, passionate about soccer, and today leader at Weston FC. He worked as waiter, played soccer for money, understood his purpose in this profession and now we have for Soccerplus his beliefs and ideas.

How did you get to Miami?
I left my country, Nicaragua, at a very difficult time, a time of war. In 1989 my family decided it was time to leave the country.

How did your love for soccer begin?
Actually, I played several sports, especially swimming. But I played soccer with my friends in the street. It was during the 1986 World Cup when I watched Maradona and became convinced that I wanted to play soccer and gave up swimming.

What was your job when you arrived in Miami?
I did so many things! I arrived on a Friday night to Miami, and on Saturday morning was working in the Oppalocka pulgero, near to the food area. Since I arrived began to play soccer, at school, at college, I also played in adult soccer leagues, where you play for money, and the soccer level was actually higher than in High School.

What teams did you play for?
I played for a lot of teams. I especially remember West Kendall Youth, Bradock, I also played at the FIU team. And in several adult teams as Tejaditos, Colombia All Stars. I played as midfielder, wearing the number ten. Then the moment came when I realized that players in my position were faster, bigger. Very talented people. And then through a friend I managed to get in as a volunteer coach and work in a recreational program, with ten year olds.

How did you start as coach?
I worked many years as coach without getting paid. But in the year 2003 I was already making a living as soccer coach and I realized had a future as coach. And I began making a name for myself in soccer in South Florida.

When did you become a professional soccer coach?
In the 2008/2009 season, the Miami FC offered me to be Technical Assistant of the team. Later, in 2015 I was named Head Coach of the team; I enjoyed that time very much, even though things did not work out in the end. The former Miami FC, is now Fort Lauderdale Strickers.

What is your job like at Weston?
Now, I am Technical Director at Weston FC. A team that has one of the best environments being developed for soccer in the country. I am working with a successful team, we have won national tournaments and we have some kids playing in the National Team. And above all, a Board of Directors that respects all the processes and technical aspects.

What would you say to the boys and girls who play soccer?
To the boys, girls, and their parents, I would say enjoy soccer. Nowadays, many are worried because they want to be in the National Team or get into College. They forget about happiness and that the soccer game is to be enjoyed.


  • Name: Victor Pastora
  • Place of birth: Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
  • Date of birth: April 8, 1975
  • A food: Meat
  • A book: The Bible
  • A place: Islets of Granada in Nicaragua
  • A word that defines you: family man
  • Wife: Beverly
  • Children: Daniela, Victoria and Andres

Victor at Weston FC

Victor joined Weston FC in 2010. Victor brings a wealth of experience to Weston FC, having led many teams to State Cup and National Championships through his emphasis on player development. He was a USSF National Team Staff and Region II Staff Coach and was a Talent Scout for U.S., Central America and the Caribbean. Victor has also held the position of Director of Coaching and Head Men’s Coach in other clubs in South Florida.

“To the boys, girls, and their parents, I would say enjoy soccer, be happy”