Variety Street Style: Everything you Need to Know About Street Soccer  

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world. The street is the sports arena, where millions of children and youths play soccer. It is the place where many soccer stars begin to shine: Ronaldinho and Neymar are the perfect examples.

Street soccer does not need the requirements of a formal game. In its most informal stage, street soccer has the following rules: The match ends when everyone is tired, the game must be paused when a car is approaching, the player who kicks the ball far away must go pick it up, and there is no offside rule. (No referees, no coaches, no uniforms…) In street soccer, the team that scores more goals and respects the few rules established is the winner.

There is no large field, field markings, eleven players on each team, goalposts of a determined size and the ball, if you can call it a ball, can be of leather, rags, or anything round. The teams are conformed by friends and anyone you want to invite.

Street Soccer today

Even though in Italy, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of Latin America is usual to play on concrete streets or on dirt soccer fields, street soccer is now played in specific and modern soccer courts. In Florida, we already have very nice courts, perfectly designed to play this style of soccer, also called Futsal in some countries.

In this kind of soccer courts there are rules, standards, but they keep the “street”, fast and dramatic style. For soccer in Florida, that thrives on the street soccer spirit, it is good news that the number of well-lit and indoor artificial courts continues to increase. At the end, it is soccer.

Soccer has grown in popularity thanks to FIFA Street videogames, for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.
Dimensiones oficiales de canchas para Street soccer / Futsal

6 vs 6: 35 x 18m
7 vs 7 (3): 45 x 25m
10 vs 10: 80 x 45m