Top 5 Stretching Exercises

Stretching may be tedious, annoying and boring, but it is very important for avoiding injuries. Besides, increases flexibility, agility and ability on the pitch. Here are 5 simple stretches that all athletes and soccer players should do.

Quad stretch

The quad stretch focuses on the front-thigh muscles. These muscles are used in sprinting and kicking. Therefore, it is important to have flexible quadriceps. It is an exercise that will only take a few minutes.

Calf stretch

Stretching of the calf before physical activity is important. The calf muscles usually become weary, and can also pull or tear in unlucky circumstances. A calf strain is one of sport’s most common injuries.

Heel stretch

Did you know your foot and ankle are made up of 33 joints and more than 100 tendons? Stretching your heels will avoid injuries and unnecessary pain. Remember the stretch is felt in the heel and not the knee area.

Hip flexor stretch

The hip flexors are powerful muscles that help make great soccer kicks. The stretch targets on the muscles of the hips and back. Your hip flexors need to be warmed up for an excellent performance on the field.

Shoulders stretch

Strong shoulders are needed to have the total strength of a successful athlete. A basic shoulder stretching workout is perfect to open up your upper body and relax tense shoulders before a soccer match.