The Perfect Technique

Learn how to play soccer like the great players

J10 is not a soccer club, it is an Academy where boys and girls learn the technical aspect of the game based on the South American technique. Its objective is to shape kids with a better individual technique, without competing with the clubs. Sergio Barth is partner of Jayzinho –the well-known international freestyle player- in this innovative training program and he explained its concept to Soccerplus.

How did the idea of creating J10 come about?
We realized that people are highly focused on competition in the US, but they don’t have a basic knowledge of soccer technique. We are interested in training kids on the technical aspect from the beginning. We believe the competition stage must start at the age of 12, like it is done in Argentina.

When did J10 start?
In May 2015. The idea came about through Jayzinho, who worked individually with some kids. I had the dream of having my own academy because I have always been linked to soccer. A mutual friend brought us together and we joined forces to create J10.

What is Jayzinho’s experience in soccer?
He is a former professional player shaped in Chile and France. He received training in futsal, which is the basic technique for every player, working in a confined space. He is an Adidas athlete, and was asked to be part of the FIFA STREET EA SPORTS videogame. He created the necessary movements for the videogame. Jayzinho preforms street soccer exhibitions worldwide, and he is also the new face of the Cheetos brand. All of his skills are transmitted to boys and girls through J10.

How old do children have to be in order to be part of the Academy?
We receive children from the age of 8. There are a few exceptions with younger children, a 6 year old and a 7 year old, because they are technically advanced.

Do girls and boys work in different groups?
No. Actually we have two age groups. Eight to 13 and 13 to 18 years old; now we are even getting professional players, one of them is Jorge Luis Corrales, who plays for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, he comes to train with us during the off season. Tessa Florio, Houston Dash player, 27 years old, also trains with us for three months during the off season.

How do players prepare physically?
We use a method created by Jayzinho. It is all about the technique. We work the physical aspect, always using the ball. While they are performing drills, they are working physically. The drills are always different, with a physical exigency that is very high and always using the ball.

What sets you apart from a traditional club?
Our idea is to shape and empower the players. The drills are based on the technical and not on the tactical aspect, as is the case in most of the clubs. We customize our work. Additionally, we don’t sign any contracts concerning rights over players.

What are J10’s goals?
One of our goals is that the kids who go through the whole process with us may get a college scholarship in any city of the U.S. And, those who want to become professional players may achieve it. We already have kids who have gotten college scholarships. One of them is in Vermont and the other one is part of the FIU team.

Who is he?

Place of birth: Medellín, Colombia
Date of birth: October 30th, 1979
Favorite food: Bandeja Paisa
Favorite player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Favorite team: Atlético Nacional, Medellín
Family: His wife, Catalina and their 5 year old daughter, Martina

Taylor Valle
Josemy Vigil
Nicholas Feanny

Marceliano Medina
Son: Juan Pablo Medina

“I have seen many changes in my son’s technique ever since he joined J10. I have also seen a mental change, I see he is more positive and believes more in himself. ”

Emiro Arcila y Yolardi Correa
Children: Camilo y Daniel Arcila

“My children play soccer since the age of 4. We became a part of J10 three months ago and we have seen the change in terms of ball control and technique in our children’s game.”