The Italian Experience, Weston FC U16 at the Beppe Viola Cup in Italy

With high expectations and desires to fulfill their dreams and compete strongly, a group of players of Weston FC U16 was in Italy, participating in the famous tournament “Città di Arco – Beppe Viola 2016”, a tournament with more than 30 years of history, in the small town of Arco, near Verona. The Weston club was the only foreign guest of honor. Among the participating clubs with their U16 teams were the greatest in Italy: AS Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, Juventus, AC Milan and others. A real experience and a litmus test for Weston.
The first stop in Italy: The Milan Malpensa airport and then continue the way towards the city of Verona … the city of Romeo and Juliet and soccer for a few days.

For best performance, the team left Miami four days before the tournament, in order to adapt to schedule changes, 11 hours difference between Europe and Miami, and the Italian winter indicating a temperature between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.


During this trip, the Weston FC U16 players experienced the reality of everyday life of a professional soccer player. Upon arrival to the city of Verona, they stayed at the concentration center of Chievo Verona, a professional team of the Italian series A. The bedtime routine, sharing, and feeding were made the professional way.


The young people experienced a life dedicated to the field, training and rest. And besides soccer, boys had to devote time for their school work, for the days they’d be out. Daily training was made in two steps: In the morning, adaptation, consisting of physical and athletic. And more technical and specific in the afternoon. The coach Alessandro Sbrizzo says that was very interesting to see physical and mental adaptation of the players in the days before the tournament.


The group where Weston FC played turned out to be the most difficult, in fact The Champion Tournament – Atalanta was in group A. Weston FC played three games, from which got one loss, one tie and one win in one last dramatic match. Tournament rules only allow the first in the group to advance. After the third game, Weston FC returned to Verona, there visited the city and enjoyed a game of the series A, Chievo Verona against Milan. It was an experience to see great players in one of the most important leagues in the world. Before the game, Weston FC could watch the Chievo Verona training, talk to the players and get advice from them. On his last day in Italy, Weston FC faced against Bresian, team of the B series, in a friendly game that ended in a 3-3 tie. It was a very nice game where players felt free and much more confident and enjoyed playing soccer. Throughout the process there was no injured player due to good preparation. Weston FC represented Florida and U.S. soccer greatly, in a demanding and top-level competitive tournament.



Incidences: Weston FC played to win on the field but the match was not so easy in the first few minutes, and while the team was adapted and settled, their moves were improving and had a chance to win.

Sbrizzo’s comment:
“The end of this game left a bitter taste because the result
0-0 didn’t reflect what happened on the court. Weston FC deserved to win but some mistakes stopped that we could achieve it”

Alessandro Sbrizzo
Coach Weston FC


Incidences: Atalanta is a professional team series A. Weston FC had warmed up, and was moving very well on the court despite the superiority of the rival. Atalanta’s goal was scored in the second half, missing only 10 minutes to finish, which speaks of good tactics and physical layout of the Club of Florida.

Sbrizzo’s comment:
We had chances to tie but it didn’t happen. During this match, it was clear that the boys’ soccer was growing, at the same time of their athletic and psychological condition.”


Weston goals
Luna Galarza Jesus Alberto
Murphy Liam Isavel
Betancur Sebastian
Perez Alfred Joseph

Incidences: On the last game came out all the preparation and work; beyond the 4-3 win there were major positive changes in the team. Players had more freedom to play, best moves and their mentality on the court was at a higher level. During the trip to Italy the team grew and it showed in the last game. The 4 points of Weston FC were not enough to stay in the tournament because only the first team of each group qualifies.

Sbrizzo’s comment:
“We couldn’t continue but we returned with congratulations from many soccer experts in Italy, and very satisfied with our job.”


Some directors of Italian clubs showed interest in three or four players of Weston FC. The idea is to give these young boys the opportunity to travel in the coming months to Italy to carry out a test to see if they meet the necessary characteristics to play in an Italian club. And if they’re approved, they’d be ready to start their career as professional soccer players in Italy.

The trip to Italy was a success and could be performed thanks to the experience of the Italian professional agent Gaitano Fedelle who through friendship with former Italian professional soccer player and Director of Coaching of Weston FC, Alessandro Brizzio, could work together to bring the Florida club to the other side of the world to exchange high level soccer experiences.


This was the delegation of Weston FC at the tournament “Beppe Viola 2016”
Victor Pastora
Technical Director and Head Coach of the Academy

Alessandro Sbrizzo
Director of Coaching

Dr. Daniel Serravite
Head of Fitness and Sport Science

“this is a great opportunity for players. We are fortunate as a club to have these opportunities to compete in prestigious international tournaments like this one. We have earned it as a program over the years with the dedication and success of the players; efforts and sacrifices of the parents; commitment of staff to improve as a program daily; and the support of the Board of Directors that gives stability to our environment.”

Dr. Daniel Serravite.
Head of Fitness and Sport Science
Weston FC