The Ideal Central Defender

The art of stopping attackers, avoiding goals, and good clearance is as much science as art. For this, the defender must have speed, temperament and lots of anticipation skills.

It has become something regular: the best teams are assembled from the back to the front. And in a way, the new century soccer demands an approach in this regard. In the last years, the most successful teams or national teams have been worried about keeping an important and efficient attack, but obviously also a solid defense, that generates tranquility to the rest of the team.

Experience speaks

A couple of good central defenders are essential for the best teams in the world, and this time, we will talk about it. For better details, we spoke with Luis La Fuente, former soccer player of the national team of Peru, and central defender who shone at Boca Juniors in the seventies. About the position, Luis comments, “Now, children don’t have to be afraid because it’s a very beautiful job, hard but beautiful. Today’s soccer, and actually all the time, has been good for the attackers. Lionel Messi or Ronaldo can’t stop scoring, but if it wasn’t for people like Piqué or Ramos, they and the other ones would be more nervous and wouldn’t play calmly”, adds La Fuente.

The perfect defender

Lucho La Fuente gives some tips to become the perfect central defender.
“To be a good central defender, first you have to be mentally quick, you have to be smart and know how to read the game, and not get carried away by the forward’s moves, you have to be clever. And fast, of course, in order to cover holes left by the team, because there are always going to be holes. A strong personality is important. Do not let yourself down, perhaps you could be wrong, but to the opponent attacker, you must appear totally sure about what you’re doing”, he appointed.

Finally, La Fuente explains the importance for a central fullback to make a differentiated job. Training sessions on anticipation, set pieces, loose balls, and above all, training to complement the rest of the defense. A solid defense will always require defenders to know and complement each other.

Tips to be a great central defender
1. Be quick physically and mentally.
2. Do not fall before difficulties.
3. Be neat and a leader.
4. Diferenciated workouts and training sessions with the rest of the defense.
5. A strong personality.

“Be a central defender is a hard job, not anyone can do it. The most complicated positions and the ones that generate more risk are goalkeeper and defender. Why? Because you can’t fail”


1. Gerard Piqué (Barcelona)
2. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
3. Diego Godín (Atlético de Madrid)