The Girls Behind the Ball

Tiki-taca: Spanish style of play is the Academy’s philosophy

Strength, speed, and talent are qualities that stand out on the pitch of Real Miami U13 Girls Team. Nicolas Roque, coach of the U13 team, ex-soccer player and College Recruitment Director, explains that their style of play is known as tiki-taca which is characterized by possessing the ball for large portions of the game. The upside is that the team is always in possession and through short passes a player can deliver a great pass to score a goal!


Real Miami FC started 10 years ago, and the Girls Program was created to provide a place for girls to learn and enjoy the game of soccer, the program consists of U10 up to U18 teams. The girls train three to four times a week.
“The U13 Girls team is among the best three teams in Florida and among the 20 best in USA. This team can go very far, if the girls keep playing with passion”, Nicolas says.

College at sight

In 2011, more than 30 Real Miami Academy youngsters attended college. The Academy has currently graduated five classes, and 95 boys are playing or have played for NCAA colleges and junior colleges.


Every year, Real Miami FC offers an informative seminar where children and parents are advised on what to eat and how to keep the body well hydrated before and after a game.

High level competition

A girl who wants to succeed in soccer must have the motivation and passion to play. In addition, she should know that female soccer is highly competitive. Girls have great opportunities in colleges. There is no reason for them not to reach their goals, remarks Coach Nicolas Roque.

Full name: Nicolas Ignacio Roque
Country of origin: Colombia
Date of birth: 03/ 12/ 1993
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
Position: Goalkeeper
Soccer career: San Michael College, College Recruitment Director, Head Coach U13 Girls.
Favorite food: Bandeja Paisa
Family: in Spain and Cuba
Favorite music: Reggae

Full name: Agatha Roque
Age: 11
Position: Defender
Favorite player: Pepe

Full name: Andie Hernandez
Age: 11
Position: Midfielder
Favorite player: Neymar

Full name: Breck Girten
Age: 11
Position: Forward
Favorite player: Wayne Rooney