Thanks Giving: Tireless

The latest Thanksgiving tournament gathered hundreds of teams and soccer moms at Plantation. Here are some comments about it

What does it mean to be a soccer mom?
It´s being our children´s support, on and off the field, and it also implies a monetary support. Sometimes we get tired but it´s a sacrifice we do for them.

Nathalia Pinero
Son: Nathan, 18 years old

What does a soccer mom do?
First of all, we highly support the player, we provide good meals for our children, make them sleep, rest, and be ready to come and play.The trips are hard but worth it because it´s for the kids’ future. It involves not doing personal things to support them, and that they may see us here and that way impact their lives, that they may feel supported and also bringing them to training to teach them to be responsible.

Dolly Marin
Son: Michael Wilchez, 18 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Have a lot of time to invest in them; additionally, a good throat to scream, time to travel and a lot of commitment and sacrifice. We must also be on top of their nutrition.

Judith Semprun
Son: Andrés Semprum, 18 years old

What does a soccer mom do?
Dedication, time, motivation, because the truth is that when you have a kid that starts playing early on in his life, it requires a lot of attention, it requires a lot of support; it’s not only about dropping him off at the field, it’s being there in every moment and supporting them mainly in the games. You got to be responsible as a parent and teach them to be responsible with their trainings. My child might not want to eat before the game but I’m on top of him to make sure he eats. The cost is high, but it’s worth it, especially when they win and keep up good grades; for us it is very important that they keep up good grades.

Wendy Bennett
Son: Jahir Cuéllar, 18 years old

What are the key aspects of a soccer mom?
Responsibility, total dedication, support, being constant and showing a lot of love for what our children like. We take many trips where we make memories, we share with each other and get to know different places, other parents, and we love it….!!!

Gardelis Valdiviezo
Son: Arnaldo Valdiviezo, 16 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Mainly time to invest in them, take them back and forth to trainings and a total commitment so that they can be there at every training and game. The games are always during the weekends and holidays, so we must be very disciplined so that they can accomplish their goals.

Rosa Alfonso
Son: Johan Gamez, 12 years old

What does a soccer mom need the most?
Well….time! because you must take them back and forth; total commitment with them, and mainly time and patience because of the traveling. In our case we come from Naples, it’s a two-hour trip, but we’re happy to bring our son.

Jeydi Santos
Son: Steven Santos, 13 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Flexibility and patience. A soccer mom must be the team’s support. At United we are a family; we have fun and keep each other company. We make sure our kids eat good meals, the right portions; we make sure they rest and that everything is in order before the tournaments, my husband is mainly very strict with this, making sure our son eats before the game, during and after. We travel across Florida, we travel to National Tournaments, and it’s hard but fun. The soccer season lasts 10 months, we rest during the summer and between seasons, and it has an impact on our social life, but we enjoy it a lot.