STATE CUP – The girls at Sunrise

Gustavo Camacho coach of Sunrise said:

“We are a small club but we still compete with clubs that have thousands of players and we have only 200. In the past 10 years we have been the best club in the girl’s side in the state. We have won more state championships than anybody, and we have the program with the most girls committed to play division 1 college soccer in the past 5 years. Our coaching staff is very dedicated and the girls are always working hard at all times, which is what has allowed our program to be successful.”

How many matches did you have to play in the state cup tournament?
“We had to play a total of 7 games. “
What was the final match like?
The final was against FKK who is a very good team. We played them 4 times previously in the past year where we beat them twice, they beat us, and then we drew a match. In addition, the players had to work extra hard because we lost some of our important players due to injury.

What are your goals for next season?
Next season our goal is to get every single player committed to play division 1. Most players are becoming committed to a college in their junior year, but we already have 8 players who are entering their junior year and are already committed.

Gustavo Camacho
From Barranquilla Colombia
Coaching for 33 years
14 years working with Sunrise girls’ soccer
Played in the minor leagues for Atletico Junior of Colombia
Favorite place in the world? Colombia
Favorite Food: Bandeja Paisa