Soccer Shoes: There is one pair for every type of field 

Technology is part of our daily life, and it is also an essential aspect in soccer. There are a lot of advancements and changes in the atlhetic footwear industry. One of the most recent: Adidas ACE 16 + Purecontrol laceless boots. It is a great invention because without laces it is easier to control the ball and control the game.

It is important to highlight that for greater performance, there are soccer shoes for every surface:

Hard pitch Cleats for hard fields provide players with enough amount of traction for hard and dry surfaces as dirt fields or artificial turf pitches.

Shoes designed for indoor courts are just soccer shoes without studs or blades; they look like a regular pair of sneakers.

“I’ve tried them out already, and I can say they’re the best boots I’ve ever worn”
Ivan Rakitic, Barcelona midfielder.

Lidio Britto
From: Rio, Brazil
Age: 47

How important is it to wear the right kind of shoe when you’re running?
When you start running you want the shoe according to your gait type because everyone is different. Most people don’t know but shoes are made for different types of gaits and they’ll buy shoes because they like the color, or the brand. If they just pick a shoe off the wall, they might not pick a shoe that’s appropriate for them and it will start to work against them.

What kind of material are shoes made of?
The material varies and it isn’t really something too important. What’s most important is the kind of shoe for the type of gait. For the most part, the soles of the shoes are made of “E.V.A” (which is a type of foam), but there’s also “flight foam” from ASICS, or “boost” from ADIDAS. The materials vary but they, for the most part, do the same thing.

Are there any running events coming up?
Locally, the largest running event in Miami is the Miami Marathon, but there are also other important events as the Miami beach half marathon, Key Biscayne half marathon, Halloween half Marathon, etc.

What advice would you give to soccer players since they are constantly running?
Well, running is the perfect cross training for soccer because soccer players run in short bursts of speed. Running long distances will give you endurance which will greatly help.