ROBERTO ALTERIO: “Getting there is only half the battle”

How did you decide to come to Miami?
I came to Miami in 2011 on a college scholarship. First I was in Tampa, then I came to Miami to play at FIU. It was a very good time with teammates and coaches, I am very grateful to the University and happy about the work I did there which later on helped me to come to the Miami FC.

How do you feel playing at Miami?
I am very happy and focused on training. I believe that things will continue to improve for our team in the second half.

What would you say to the kids who dream to become a professional soccer player?
If they really like soccer, they should never give up on their dreams. To achieve them, they should always train and work very hard. Here, in the U.S. there are a lot of opportunities to develop soccer for kids and teenagers. It is best to start at a very young age, because professional teams take into account young players who are eager to work.
What extra things do you do to improve your performance?
I coach children from 3 to 15 years old in Coral Gables. Younger kids are taught the basics, like passing the ball well. But when I work with the other group from 11 to 15 years, I work on more technical issues.

Could you give some advice to boys and girls to succeed in soccer?
Soccer is a sport in which there is a lot of running. Taking care of oneself mentally and physically: drink plenty of water and rest. Rest is important because it will determine your performance in a match. A professional soccer player needs to have fun too, you cannot be thinking about soccer all day! Dining out, go to party for a little while to return home early. It is important to be with family and friends.

How do you achieve success in soccer?
The only way is to train, train and train very hard. Never give up until you achieve your goal. Getting there is only half the battle.


Name: Roberto Alterio
Origin: Venezuela
Date of birth: August 31, 1990
Age: 25
Favorite food:
Fish with mashed potatoes and pasta
Favorite place: Caracas
Favorite team: Real Madrid
Favorite player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Music: Reggae