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Nowadays, the epicenter for soccer is Spain, the most important league in the world and the place that has changed the way to play soccer in the whole planet. For Cesar, Director of coaching, passion is the key to play soccer. Cesar not only teaches a certain philosophy to a team, but to a whole academy.

Professionally, what has your soccer career been like?
I started as a young boy playing in the youth teams of Real Madrid where I then moved on to an academy related to Real Madrid. From there, I passed on to the 3rd division in Spain where I was with very professional coaches and players who were coming from playing in higher divisions.

How long were you a player?
I played since I was 9 years old until the age of 31.

How did you end up at the academy in Miami?
Well, it was relatively simple since I was coming from Real Madrid where I was involved and I worked for. The first thing I did was to look for an academy which had a relationship with Real Madrid. I was told of Real Miami; I got in contact with them, showed my sporting resume to the president, and then was offered the opportunity to coach for a U-10 team.

How long have you been with Real Miami?
This will be my third year here, and my fourth in Miami.

How many teams do you oversee?
Well, I started off as a coach but this year I was offered the position of Director of coaching, which is nice because I don’t only teach a certain philosophy to a single team, but to the academy. This season I’m coaching the U-17s and I’m heavily involved with the U-12s as well.

How was the transition from player to coach?
It was simple in the sense that I was already mentally prepared. Since I was a player it was already catching my eye, and luckily I was surrounded by very good coaches who imparted to me the many details that are needed. Obviously, you have to change once you start coaching and one of the first errors that we make is to think that because we’ve played for years we can also hop right into coaching.

Did you change your perspective of the game from player to coach?
You have to change your mindset from a more closed and individual perspective to a more global perspective where you have to think about positions, tactics, how to position the defense, how to press when you lose the ball, etc. So, all of these concepts are things that you don’t normally take into consideration as a player.

What is the most important thing that you’d like to teach your players?
First of all, passion. To let them see that the country where I’m from is an epicenter for soccer. Spain has changed the way in which the game is played globally with their recent successes, and something that has always been taught to us as kids is the passion for the game. Also, at the end of the day the sport will impart to you some values that are very important in the real world such as working as a team, how to cope with forms of discouragement, frustration, and happiness.

What are your goals for the new season?
There are different objectives. If you ask me from the point of view of a coach, the objectives would be for the kids to enjoy themselves and to love the sport just as I do. Second of all for them to understand the game and to understand the “why” of the sport and why things happen, which hopefully results in wins as a consequence. I always tell the boys that if we play soccer and we don’t enjoy it then I don’t feel happy whether we win or we don’t win.

What does the club offer to players’ families?
As an academy, we have someone whose job is specifically to introduce the players to colleges. In addition, we have the players test what we have taught them in an international program. Also, we hope to provide them with a very large sporting education where we work on things beyond soccer such as discipline, nutrition, fun experiences, and for the players to reach their dreams.

Cesar Pacheco

Age: 37 Years
From: Madrid, Spain
Hobbies: Spending time with my family, informatics, engineering, and any sport that has a ball.
Favorite player growing up: Roberto Baggio
Favorite food: Arroz con Bogavante, Jamon, Lomo, Pescado dorado a la espalda, All of the typical Spanish foods.
Sebastian Ayllon

Age: 16
Position: Center Midfielder
Favorite player: Messi
Favorite team: Barcelona
Favorite food: Chicken Parmesan
Playing in Real Miami FC Since 8 years old

What has your experience been like with the club?
Great, I don’t have any complaints with any of the coaches and I love getting better.

Expectations for the new season:
To win every tournament, State Cup, and Nationals.

Favorite memory with the club:
During the Disney finals where I scored the winning goal near the end of the match.