Rambo de León: “Soccer is universal”

Text: Linda Gutierrez

He grew up running around the streets, stealing coconuts and playing with the kids in his town. Now, Julio César de León, also known as Rambo, is an experienced and talented player who has proven to be an asset in México, China, Italy, Uruguay, Honduras and currently in USA, at the Miami United Team of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). And beyond that, his most important job is talking to young people and kids about how to stay away from drugs and bad habits.

What was it like for you when you joined Miami United?
The team was not doing very well when I arrived, but we were able to turn the situation around. Last season, we proved we are a tough team to play and we always go out to try to win.

What has your experience been like at Miami United?
We are a family. There are wonderful people in the team, the president Roberto Sacca and Carlos Oliva. Honestly, it is a great team with a spectacular technical staff.

What is the key to success in soccer?
For me, first of all, believing in Jesus, I am a person of faith. Humbleness is also very important, sacrifice and perseverance in every training.

Who inspired you to play soccer?
My father was a great defender in Honduras, I inherited from him the courage to play. My uncle, Pablo de León, was the one who stood out the most in soccer, I inherited his playing style.

What was your World Cup experience like?
It was great, it is every player’s dream. For me, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games were a greater experience.

What kind of work do you do with kids and young people?
I visit many cities to talk to young people about soccer and the importance of discipline. I also emphasize that a player who stays away from drugs and bad habits can ensure a high performance life for years. I focus on the spiritual aspect because it is the key to success.

You played in Italy for many years, what memories do you have?
Italy touched my heart. I could tell many wonderful stories about Italy but also many painful ones because I experienced racism over there.
I spent my entire career there, I am well-known in Italy and there are people who remember me fondly. God willing, I am planning to return to Italy to study a professional coaching course in order to manage a team in Italy.

Who is he

Name: Julio César de León
Nickname: Rambo
Place of birth: Puerto Cortés, Honduras
Date of birth: September 13, 1979
Favorite food: Snails in garlic butter with sweet plantain (prepared by his wife)
Favorite place: Puerto Cortés
Favorite music: Christian music
Family: His wife Teresa and his five children


Olimpia, Honduras
Genoa, Italy
Parma, Italy
Torino, Italy
Fiorentina, Italy
Celaya, México
Shandong Luneng, China
Honduras National Team

Rambo de León is a member of the organization “Athletes of Christ”, as well as Kaká (Brazil) y Falcao (Colombia).

“Teamwork is the key to success”