PINECREST Soccer Club: Discipline is the Key to Success

More than a coach, Anthony Stewart, considers himself a teacher for the Pinecrest Premier kids. He emphasizes that discipline is the key to success in soccer and to become a good student at school. Anthony played for the Jamaican National Team and against great players from that time such as John Barnes. Now in his coaching phase, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with the kids.

What has your soccer career been like?
Well, when I was playing in Jamaica we didn’t have actual professional leagues. We were given stipends to represent our country. I played for the Jamaican National Team from 1985-87 where I actually played against John Barnes (Liverpool legend).

How did you get involved with Pinecrest Premier?
This is my second year here and I can say that I love it. I had a friend affiliated with Pinecrest Premier and he would constantly ask me to come to the club to coach the goalkeepers

What is the most important thing you’d like to teach the kids you coach?
To be honest, I don’t call myself a coach, I call myself a teacher, and the first thing I try to instill into these kids is discipline. When they get out of this environment and they go out into the real world, they have to be disciplined. Secondly, I’m a big proponent of schoolwork and being a good student.

How often do the kids train?
On a regular basis, the teams practice 3 times a week, with one of those times being a mandatory goalkeeper practice.

What age groups do you coach for goalkeeping?
I oversee all the boys from U-9 up to U-18.

Who is he?

Anthony Stewart
Age: 54
Favorite food: Oxtail with rice and peas
Favorite team: Manchester United
Favorite player: Ruud van Nistelrooy

Pinecrest Premier Goalkeepers

Nikolas Leibkuchler
Division: U-15
Favorite player: Manuel Neuer

Ryan Hernandez
Division: U-16
Favorite Player: Manuel Neuer

William Rowe Allan
Division: U-13
Favorite player: Eden Hazard