Paris Saint-Germain Academy: Bienvenue a Florida

The French team has its official academy in Florida

The PSG team has been well received by teenagers and their parents, because it is one of the best teams in Europe. The club is the official Academy of the Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) in Florida providing the genuine and innovative PSG Programs designed for the top players of the world. PSG Academy has a very good structure as far as training and shaping kids starting on U7 up to U19. Julian Pedraza, the PSG Academy Director, assures that they follow a special program in the training created by PSG in Paris for their Academies outside of France. (Los Angeles, Canada, and Miami). They also send evaluations of the kids from time to time. Twice a year.


The team’s style of playing is keeping possession of the ball and building their game from the back, characteristics that are very proper of the PSG. Pedraza says, “We are an Academy that is just starting, but we have over 30 Teams already registered in Florida; we receive kids of different ages, including players who are not easy to correct due to their ages, because they were shaped and trained in other place. But we try to do our best with all categories. The best ages to start are U6 and U7.


Passion is the key that must be preserved in soccer. The PSG Academy´s Director says, “Nowadays there are three aspects you must analyze about a player: the physical, mental, tactical and technical areas. All of these are relevant, but the most important of all, is the desire to learn. There are small children that are developing their coordination and that might not learn as easily as others, but this doesn’t eliminate the chance they might also become good soccer players”.


Julian Pedraza started his career playing in the Millionarios reserve team in Bogota and in Once de Caldas in Colombia. Then he had the opportunity to travel to play in Europe. During the 20 years that he lived in Europe, he went from being a player to becoming a coach. He has the UEFA A Diploma, one of the highest level diplomas in the UEFA zone.

“In Europe, I learned a different soccer culture. In Latin America, soccer is more technical and paused, and in Europe it is a faster, more direct and efficient kind of game. I had the opportunity of studying in Belgium, one of the countries that best teaches how to form soccer players. I studied during 4 years over there, you don’t get this in one week, we studied different subjects that included practice and theory.”

Tournament in Paris

Every year, in the month of May, all of the PSG Academies located in different countries such as Morocco, Brazil, Canada, India, United States, meet in Paris to play the “PSG Academy Cup” tournament. The PSG Academy Florida went last year to Paris to participate in the U10, U11 and U12 categories, and are already getting prepared for the next opportunity!
“Passion for soccer is born with you. You either have it or not.”

Who is he

Full name: Julián Pedraza
Date of birth: February 7, 1974
Position: Center forward
Team: The good soccer
Favorite players: Falcao, Van Bamstem, Ronaldo
Favorite food: Latin food
Family: Wife and a child