PACHUCA Conquering Florida

One of Mexico’s greatest soccer teams has arrived

Pachuca Soccer Club, one of Mexico’s greatest clubs, arrived recently in Florida. Its first stop was Orlando and now it’s starting operations in Kendall. Its President Andrés Felipe Pérez, who studied in Colombia and Argentina, has extensive experience in professional and youth soccer. Andrés Felipe started out his soccer career in Colombia, and graduated in Physical Education and Sports at the age of 17, setting up his own academy in Bogotá. Then, he earned a degree in Professional and Youth Coaching and High-Performance Physical Training in Argentina. And that was the start of a strong relationship with Lanus, a classic club from Buenos Aires. These are his ideas and vision for the Mexican team in Florida.

What is Pachuca Soccer Club’s vision and philosophy?
The club aims to have boys and girls between ages 5 to 17. Although we will have recreational soccer, our vision is more formative and competitive; we are focused on teaching boys and girls all soccer techniques. Competitiveness is very important for us because the Pachuca group is interested in ensuring that the kids that stand out can later begin a process to become part of the reserve squad and start in professional soccer.

Will Pachuca have its own tournament?
The tournament takes place in Mexico every Easter, to observe players and get closer to the kids. The players who attend belong to categories 2000 to 2004.

What do kids need to join this club?
They only need authorization from their parents and the desire to learn how to play soccer. We have an Argentine/Mexican soccer learning style.

How many teams will Pachuca have in Florida?
At the moment, there is one in Orlando, we recently started in Kendall, and soon we’ll be in Homestead. We have the Pachuca branch for all Florida.

Do you think soccer is a popular sport in Florida?
Many would think it is, but actually, there is still a long way to go. Compared to Latin American soccer, there is still a lot of progress to be made in Florida.

Who is he?

Name: Andrés Felipe Pérez
Origin: Cali, Colombia
Age: 38
Education: Professional Soccer Head Coach with degrees from: AFA (Argentina), CICEFUT (México), Federación Colombiana de Fútbol and the U.S. Soccer Federation.
Favorite food: Sancocho de gallina and Asado de bife
Favorite player: Messi
Team: América de Cali
International team: Pachuca
Music: Salsa
Family: His wife Olga Lucía, and his daughter Juana.