Nicaragua National Team: Total Defense

Taylor Valle, a talented girl who is passionate about soccer

She is a talented girl who dreams of playing college soccer. Taylor Valle, born to a Nicaraguan father and an American mother, has been a standout on the Nicaragua national team and plans to keep playing with the U17 girls squad.

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Who inspired you to play soccer?
My father, he was born in Nicaragua. He played soccer when he was a kid in Nicaragua.

Tell us about your experience on the Nicaragua girls’ national team
It went really well. Last summer I was in Nicaragua, and I became part of the U17 Nicaragua girls’ team. I will come back soon to keep training with them and get my Nicaraguan ID card.

Which Club team do you play for and where do you train?
I play for Weston FC and I train at J10 Academy where the great majority of players are boys. This makes it easier for me to play against girls. I am a better soccer player since I joined J10, I have also made a lot of friends.

What are your goals for the future?
I want to play college soccer division 1. If I’m still interested in playing soccer after that, I will be going to Nicaragua to do so.

What do you do outside of training to become a better player?
I go to the gym twice a week. Also, I try to go for a jog in the morning. I am looking for ways to improve my eating habits.

What is your favorite memory as a soccer player?
My time in Nicaragua. Soccer is different over there. I think because there is nothing else to do there, just play soccer. And here in Miami, there are a lot of places to visit and many different things to do. Soccer is everything over there.

Who is she?

Full name: Taylor Valle
Age: 16
Birthday: February 3
Position: Defender
Favorite food: Queso frito
Favorite team: Barcelona
Favorite player: Messi
Father: Erick Valle