MIAMI UNITED – A Crazy Idea that Panned Out

The team founded by the Italian entrepreneur Roberto Sacca and a group of friends for the NPSL league, brings joy, goals and triumphs to the multicultural city of Hialeah. A huge effort to make soccer grow in South Florida

Attentive to the training, the cellphone, his friends, Roberto Sacca is a whirlwind of ideas and stories. Visible Head of the Miami United, overflows passion for soccer, to win, to do things well, but especially for giving to Miami a strong and competitive team. After an exhausting and successful season (fell to the Chattanooga FC in penalty kicks at a dramatic regional final), the team takes strength for the next season.

More than Stars

Roberto has made a strong bet on stars like Adriano early in the season, but the true idea of Sacca and his team is to work and bet on players who put passion, heart and professionalism, says Roberto.

“There are many players like that, among whom Julio Cesar “Rambo de Leon”, Ezekiel and Mori stand out. They are true professionals, humble, talented, and hard-working.” And the results have proved him right, because until the last minute against The Chattanooga, the team fought tirelessly. An example is “Rambo,” the Honduran, who had a glorious path through the Italian soccer, The Honduras National Team and now all of his talent is turned over to MUFC.

A special league for a future project

The Miami United plays in the NPSL – National Premier Soccer League- a professional and semi-professional league playing competitively about three months a year, structured around the country and divided by regions. The MUFC also has a strong presence with youth teams in different competitions of South Florida. After this successful season (the 2016 Sunshine Conference Champions at Hialeah Stadium), the MUFC is preparing for the new season, to continue bringing joy and goals to the city.

Ricardo David Paez

“This is a very competitive and difficult league”

How did you end up on the Miami United Team?
I retired from playing professionally and then came to the United States to live. I got in contact with the president and he handed the team over to me, this is my first season here.

How has the season gone for you?
This is a very competitive and difficult league and we ended up as champions of the Sunshine Conference.

How has the process been like for the team this season?
It hasn’t been easy but the team and the players have understood our idea of playing and they have executed it in the best way possible, and you can see it more and more in every match.

What kind of playing philosophy do you have?
I like to play a possession based game with lots of touches and offensive play. The results have been very promising since we’ve been able to win 10 consecutive matches.

As a coach, what do you tell your players to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the matches?
Well, the preparation for our training style and methodology is very integral. We don’t separate the mental and the physical but instead we work on everything as a whole in a synergetic style.

Name: Ricardo David Paez
Age: 36
Place of birth: Acarigua, Venezuela

Teams he has played for:

18 years of career as a professional soccer player.
The Venezuela National Team for over 10 years
América de Cali
Deportivo Pereira
Alianza Lima
Mineros Guayana

Mauricio Mori

“Before a match I try to be relaxed and train hard”

How did you come to play for Miami United?

I come from playing professionally in Peru, and I decided to try out here and made it to play for the club.
At the moment, are you fully dedicated to playing soccer?
Yes, I am. There are other players here that also have part time jobs along with playing but I’m fully committed to Miami United at the moment.

How do you prepare yourself before a match?
I try to be as relaxed as possible, listen to music, and train hard.

Name: Mauricio Mori
Age: 23
Place of birth: Lima, Peru
Teams he has played for: Miami United, Laboral San Limón, Alianza Lima

Full 2016 Miami United Soccer Club Roster

First Team / Primer Equipo

Goalkeepers / Porteros

Omar Soto #1
Dany Espantoso #12
Firmin Carranza #24

Defenders / Defensores
Frank Pesce #33
German Terzano #4
Franco Donado #2
Daniel Godoy #14
Jonathan Leites #19
Diego Hurtado #17
Bruno Camacho #3

Midfielders / Medios
Ignacio Echeveste #6
Elvis Figueroa #15
Juan Jaramillo #13
Fernando Guimaraens #8
Ezequiel Tejera #5
Alexis Dominguez #7
Nabil Djerroud #16
Mauricio Mori #11
Claudinho #69

Forwards / Delanteros
Noah Sadaoui #9
Julio Cesar Rambo de Leon #37
Ricardo Bazan #23
Wellington Cafu # 99
Adriano Leite Ribeiro #10