Miami Caymans Soccer Academy

La Caimanera: learn how to play soccer among friends

Jonathan Rosas is head coach at La Caimanera, a place known as the home of soccer in Miami. Rosas talks about the beautiful side of training the kids of the club in futsal, and how the club works not only on the sporting side but with each child in a holistic manner.

The soccer academy offers the highest quality indoor facility. It has a blue turf field that has achieved FIFA 2-star certification. Miami Caymans Soccer Academy’s mission is to share passion for soccer, promote sports development, and sportsmanship.

Did you have a change of perspective on your game analysis when you switched from player to coach?
As a soccer player, you don’t realize some tactical aspects of the game. I had the chance to watch Spanish and Argentine soccer and some new methods to really recognize that I am no longer a player, I am a coach.

How did “La Caimanera” start?
La Caimanera is an initiative from the Miami Caymans owners. It requires planning and systematic work to focus on developing high-level players.

How long has this project been in existence?
The project started 10 months ago with 5 children and now we have about 90 children who are already playing in the most important leagues in Florida. Thanks to the club, we can always train indoors without worrying about the weather.

What are practices like?
We have a work plan which we refer to as “integral work”, consisting of different game aspects. In this plan, the child’s age is very important. For example, technical training, coordination, balance as well as psychomotor development are essential for the younger kids divisions. Later on, we begin strength training with older kids.

What is your favorite aspect of being a coach?
The great thing about working with children is that they end up teaching you more than you teach them. Professional soccer is all about money, status, and results. It’s different with children. It is very important that children develop self-discipline, become better people, and understand that companionship enriches life.

What are the club’s goals for the new season and for tournaments?
We don’t evaluate performance in relation to the set goals. The best result for us is watching a kid’s development in soccer. We want the children to feel Miami Cayman’s colors as well as feeling very much at home in the club.

How old do children have to be in order to start with soccer?
We have groups of children from 3 years to 4 years of age and older.

What does the club offer to the kids’ families?
We offer quality work and that children feel happy with their team. We recommend that parents get involved in tournaments/competitions, and that youth develop self-discipline, keep out of trouble, and focus not only on sports, but on becoming people with integrity.

Jonathan Rosas

Professional soccer player in Venezuela
Coach for 16 years
Age: 35
Origin: Caracas, Venezuela
Soccer career: The Venezuela U-20 National Team
Position as a player: Attacking midfielder
Favorite place: Paris
Favorite player: Maradona, Juan Arango
Favorite coaches: El Cholo Simeone, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Richard Páez
Favorite teams: The Venezuela National Team and San Agustin del Paraíso School.