Magic Fruits: The Ideal Food for Athletes

Almonds, walnuts, chestnuts and prunes are dried fruits. They are so called because they contain very little water. However, they hold high amounts of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help you become a strong athlete.

Dried fruits are an important source of protein, they hold about 15-20%. Proteins maintain muscle structure working properly. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that they are plant proteins, and therefore they have beneficial health effects, since in contrast to animal proteins they do not contain cholesterol.

The main characteristic of dried fruits is their extremely high level of unsaturated fats. About 50-70% of their total composition is unsaturated fats. These fats are known as “good fats”, they protect against cardiovascular diseases. A high level of fats contributes with the appropriate fuel to subject your body to significant physical stress.

Not only dried fruits hold a high level of healthy fats but are also mostly composed of hydrates of carbon. Carbohydrates are energy-yielding nutrients also known as glucide. These carbohydrates are transformed into glucose so that the body can absorb them. Glucose is essential for proper muscle function (the muscles have their own glucose storage)


1 Walnuts
Due to their high healthy fats content, they help us forget about hunger because of their satiating power. Additionally, they hold high amounts of group B vitamins, which act against fatigue and stress. They provide large amounts of fiber and manganese.

2 Chestnuts
They are also a great source of proteins, and one of the dried fruits containing fewer calories since they have half the calories than the rest of them. They stand out for their high content of water, vitamins, and beneficial minerals, which help recharge the body and keep it healthy.

3 Peanuts
They are very important due to their energy value. They are rich in vitamin B3, and folic acid. They also contain a great percentage of calcium, which helps to synthesize proteins properly. Peanuts are seeds with low water content but rich in fats, with a high nourishing value that helps recover from a physical intense workout.

4 Almonds
They hold a high content in fiber, which will ease the muscular recovery after training. Did you know that eating a handful of almonds before training provides the necessary energy for the workout you are about to do? However, both before and after a workout, we should be cautious and just eat a handful and not large amounts.