Lidio Britto: A veteran Runner Gives us his Advice

When did you begin to run?
Well I’m a veteran runner. I’ve been running since 1986, involved in road running and triathlons.

How important is it to wear the right shoe when you’re running?
When you start running you want to be the shoe according to your gait type because everyone is different. Most people don’t know but most shoes are made for different types of gaits and they’ll buy shoes because they like the color, or the brand. If they just pick a shoe off the wall they might not pick a shoe that’s appropriate for them and it will start to work against them.

How do you determine what your gait type is?
Here in the store we do an analysis using a treadmill, a video camera, and a 2D scan of your foot where we can determine your gait. For example, if you are a supinator, and you buy a shoe for stability which is mainly for a pronator, the shoe can bother you and cause you an injury. It’s not very complicated but you need someone who can properly determine your gait.

What kind of material are the shoes made of?
What’s most important is the type of shoe for the type of gait. For the most part the soles of the shoe are made of “E.v.a” (which is a type of foam), but there’s also “flight foam” from ASICS, or “boost” from ADIDAS. So the materials vary but they for the most part do the same thing.

What tips would you have for somebody that wants to start running?
If you’re a beginner my tips would be to buy the right shoe, start slow by either walking and then jogging, or by walking and then running. Also to not increase your mileage by more than 10 percent a week because sometimes people start of too strong and by the third month they’re injured. Nutrition is important as well, but for short distances not as much. If you’re running a half marathon and above, then yes it’s important to eat properly. The most important is hydration and to stay hydrated.

What do you want your customers to find here?
We are not a “sports” store, In Runner’s Co. we are running specific only. When you’re in need of equipment for a sport whether its tennis, or golf, etc. you want to go to a store that understands the sport. In a store like that the employees will know the sport and the products, do the sport, and be trained in the sport in order to be able to best help you with what you need.