Knowing The Different Positions THE IDEAL “9”

Juan Jose Ore, coach of the U-17 national team of Peru, shares guidelines on how a “9” should be in these times.

Names like Suarez, Cristiano, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Falcao, Benzema, Torres or Lewadoski, have something in common: they are center-forwards and prolific scorers. In modern soccer, numbers do not exactly mean one position, but the number “9” is considered to correspond to the top scorer, center-forward, who keeps his position always facing the rival goal and constantly looking to score a goal.

SoccerPlus talked to Juan Jose Ore, in Lima. Ore is the coach of the U-17 Peruvian team, and he explains the basics that every boy or girl must follow to become an ideal “9”.

Precision and determination

“A “9” must be a scorer, very accurate, a lot of movement, equally strong with both feet and clash with rival defenses. These basics should be instilled from a small age, “said Ore. While it’s true that competitive soccer requires having a good biotype, for the Peruvian coach is not the most important. “A large or tall attacker is significant, but not decisive. A skilled player, technical, who knows how to play in that position and score goals, will give everybody something to talk about. A “9” should know his space and not play with his back towards the goal,” he indicated.

Both feet

On the other hand, Ore emphasized the need to kick with both feet. “Being two-footed is basic. A complete player will interest many teams. Nobody is doing that job with children. To kick with both feet is what’s currently required from a center-forward”, he said.

Dynamic and discipline

For “Jota Jota” is also important to play without the ball. “Mobility is necessary. The attacker looks for passes. That’s something you work on”. “It is very important to teach these things in youth soccer leagues because it’s the ideal age to learn. From the age of 11 years, a kid must know this, so that he can get to U-15 with a certain kind of knowledge, “he said.

Finally, he recommended maintaining discipline and work consistently to become great players. “I recommend working hard; keep practicing crosses, shooting, improving technical training because it’s important. You have to enjoy the game, fool one or two and dribble. You should also watch a lot of soccer, Champions League matches, analyze what the scorer does. Kids now have a baseline and can work around that, “he concluded.

Virtues of number 9

1. Mobility and pressure.
2. Strong with both feet.
3. Knowing his space.
4. Crosses and shooting training.
5. Agility in short spaces.
6. Plays both ways; facing and with his back towards the goal.
7. Strength: aerial game
8. Physical: resistant to physical and mental pressure because of
the constant marking from the defenders.


Current Head Coach of the Peruvian Youth Soccer Team

Achievements as coach:

– 8th place in the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2007 in South Korea.
– South American U-15 Soccer Championship (Peruvian team U-15).
– Olympic gold at the Olympic Youth Games 2014 (Peruvian team U-15).


1. Luis Suarez

2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid

3. Aubemayang

4. Lewandowski
Bayern Munich

5. Alex Texeira

6. Higuain

7. Messi