Knowing The Different Positions: The Ideal “10”

The creative player of the team has different abilities and an extra responsibility on his team. And although his role has changed, the “10” is as relevant as before. Jaime Duarte speaks, with the experience of having played in two World Cups-1978 and 1982- representing Peru.

Many say that the popular number 10, that different player who carries the handle to make the team win, no longer exists. However, players who have that special talent will always be highlighted, whether they play a little further back and have defensive duties, or play more glued to the wing to run through the soccer field. The “hook” or number “10” is a player in a position to second-line forward; he has to manage the entire front attack in his position.


Today we talk that the height of a world class soccer player should be 5-foot-8 and up. But still, it can be short, but maybe not so skinny. The use of both feet effectively is ideal. “Specialize with one leg first, and later with the other one,” comments to Soccerplus Jaime Duarte, who was a player with the National Team of Peru in the World Cups in 1978 and 1982. We must recognize that to talk about a “10” is good to compare with those before now, and the types of hook that today make a difference in world soccer.

“We have monsters like Messi and Ronaldo, who are creative and carry the team on their shoulders, but they are not only to attack. When they lose the ball, they will look for it too, of course in the sector in which they are “, continues saying the World Cup player.

“But it is not like before that the “10 “were marked. The “Pibe” Valderrama was a quick mind and feet player, but perhaps not a fast running player. Messi is fast with the ball, he is explosive while Cristiano Ronaldo is faster without the ball, I think he is more a striker”, finishes Duarte.

According to the FIFA ranking, prepared in 2015, the best “10” of all times was Pele, from Brazil, followed by Maradona, from Argentina. In the list they are also Totti from Italy, Riquelme from Argentina, Pibe Valderrama from Colombia, Lothar Matthaus from Germany, Rivelinho, Zico y Tostao from Brazil.
Currently, there is no doubt the best “10” is Lio Messi. Also, stand out James Rodríguez from Real Madrid, y Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG of Paris.