Kid’s Idol: Alex, the Golden Girl

Her name is part of the list of the most famous athletes in the world. Alex Morgan is considered one of the best forward of all times and also scored the “fastest goal in the history of the U.S. Women Soccer”. Her full name is Alexandra Patricia Morgan, and to pronounce her name is to speak of success and triumph.

Her story

As a child she practiced volleyball, soccer and other sports.
But as she grew up she had to decide on one: soccer.
Because of her talent and competitive character she achieved in a few years to become part of the U.S. national teams U-17 and U-20. She attended the University of California at Berkeley, there she started to shine in her freshmen year and became one of the top scorers in the whole history of the University.

Alex was chosen to be part of the U.S. team and debuted at the Women’s Soccer World Cup in 2008 in Chile. Since then, she’s been in all the major tournaments, including the U.S. victory in the 2015 London Olympic Games.

Success off the court

Morgan is also a writer, “The Kicks” is a series of books about four girls who play soccer. In May 2013, the first book of the series, “Saving the Team” debuted at number seven on the list of New York Times Best Sellers for middle schoolers.

Alex is the most popular player of U.S. soccer, her large number of fans is a proof of that, especially girls, who not only want her autograph, but see her as a role model.

What you didn’t know

1. Alex Morgan is also a cover girl and has starred in several magazines: the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition of 2012 and in 2013, in the ESPN magazine.

2. Alex is a fan of Barcelona and the Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi. She has said: “Messi is a player out of this world”

3. Among her teammates is known as “Baby Horse” for her speed, her running way and her youth.

4. Alex was also recognized by the brand Victoria’s Secret, as the sexiest athlete in the world, beating the gymnasts, volleyball and tennis players.

5. Alex Morgan is a media icon in the United States, the image of Nike, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, AT & T, Bank of America.

Alex Morgan is married to soccer player and midfielder Servando Carrasco, 26, of the Houston Dynamo, of the MSL


Chile. FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup U-20.
London. Gold Medal in Women’s Soccer.
Canada. FIFA Women’s World Cup.

¿Who is she?

Origin: California, U.S.
Age: 26 years old
Birthday: July 2, 1989
Team: Portland Thorns FC
Position: forward
Height: 1.70 cm
Twitter: 2 million followers (@alexmorgan13)
Instagram: 1,8 million
International matches: 91
Goals in the United States National Team: 52 Most influential people in her life: mom Pam and dad Mike.
Favorite number: 13
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Works with UNICEF as a Global Athlete Ambassador

“I’d race them down the street, everything was a competition. Beating someone to us was just so sweet, even if it was just a family member.”

Alex Morgan was the youngest of three sisters: six years younger than Jenny, four years younger than Jeri.