Javier Carrillo. A successful man with new challenges

Javier Carrillo is widely known in the world of soccer
at youth level. The successes of his players with the powerful West Pines FC in the recent State Cup expose him to new challenges and opportunities. Socceplus presents him in body and soul.


On your road to the final of the State cup, what was the toughest situation that your team had to face?
The toughest situation was probably in quarter-finals. We were tied 0-0 against a strong opponent and early in the second half we went down a player. With discipline and tactical order, we managed to score the game winning goal from a set piece. Great lesson of courage and determination from the boys.

What did you do to help mentally prepare your players, and what did you tell your players right before the final match?
During the last two seasons, we have exposed ourselves to high quality matches facing positive and negative situations. This has allowed these boys to mature. Their maturity was evident after winning four of the five finals from different prestigious tournaments we played this season. An extra motivation was the fact that we all knew this team was going to split up next season due to the new US Soccer age matrix. Therefore, we were playing for more than a championship. We were playing to extend one more day the opportunity to play together. Now, we are on to Southern Regionals in late June.


1. “My vision to develop total “footballers” drives me to constantly educate and prepare myself. As soccer continues to evolve in America, it is vital to provide young players with innovative and creative learning methods”.

2. “As a coach, I understand that education is vital in order to develop competitive soccer players. Also, I have been fortunate to find the correct mentors who have helped me grow personally and professionally”.

3. “A player must build habits including training hard, eating well, resting, and most importantly studying. If we enjoy playing soccer, then these habits should not be a sacrifice”.

4. “The goal is to continue exposing myself to new challenges. Over the summer, I will be facing a new challenge as a Head Coach for Storm FC participating in the National Premier Soccer League (NSPL). I am looking forward to managing this professional team”.

5. ” I strongly believe in order to continue growing, one must constantly pursue new challenges”.

West Pines United offers a well-organized learning environment for the player to freely develop. Our goal is to develop competitive soccer players and productive citizens who respect themselves and others, and possess the knowledge and skills to accomplish diverse goals over a lifetime. After two years with this group, I am confident each of these boys have grown as players and most importantly, as young men. We have made great memories together but this chapter has ended


Full name: Javier Carrillo
Age: 29
Place of birth: Lima, Peru
Club you admire the most or are a fan of: Real Madrid
Professional coach you admire: Pep Guardiola
Favorite movie: Scarface
Favorite book: Herr Pep
Favorite music: House and Latina music
Favorite food: Peruvian Food
One word that defines you: Determined
What is one thing you really dislike: Excuses
Favorite place in the world: Next to my family