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Weston FC U13 Soccer, Italian-style

The Weston’s kids are ready to begin a new adventure in Rome, Italy. The purpose of the trip is to promote the kids at international competitions. “As a club, we know this is the moment when the players are developing” says Alessandro Sbrizzo, coach of the team. “That's why we're going with our minds set on doing better”. He commented. During this trip, the U13 Weston FC’s kids may compare the structure and level of Italian clubs which are more developed in soccer terms.

STATE CUP - The girls at Sunrise

“We are a small club but we still compete with clubs that have thousands of players and we have only 200. In the past 10 years we have been the best club in the girl’s side in the state. We have won more state championships than anybody, and we have the program with the most girls committed to play division 1 college soccer in the past 5 years."

GIUSEPPE DePALO “Transition is the key to the modern game”

The Italian coach, a lover of soccer, started his career from a very early age and his great experience is strengthening the Pinecrest Premier team. His aim is to develop all the divisions instead of focusing on a determined age.

The golden girl

When she was a child, she used to get into trouble because her family believed girls shouldn’t play soccer and instead should play with dolls." But, despite this, she would always escape from home to play soccer with her friends on the street. She was the only girl among the boys.

With Soccer in their Blood

Connner y Calvin Rezende are the first American set of twins who play for a professional club in the U.S. From early childhood, they inherited the passion for soccer from their Brazilian father. At the age of four, they were already dedicating their lives to the soccer field. The twins have played at the University of Virginia and Saint Francis University. They have also lived in Italy, Spain and Brazil.

Score with our Ultimate Smoothies

Smoothies are perfect for athletes, especially for soccer players. They are vitamin-packed beverages, easily digested, extremely hydrating sources of energy that contain loads of fiber, need we say more?

Eye Injuries - Protecting your Eyes While Playing Soccer

Each year, more than 40,000 people are treated for eye injuries related to sports activities. Using the right kind of eye protection while playing sports can help prevent serious eye injuries and even blindness. The following guidelines can help you find a pair of eyeguards right for you

GARETH BALE - A Super Soccer Player

After being named the best player in the Premier League for two seasons, Gareth Bale caught Real Madrid’s attention and achieved becoming the first Welshman to play in Spanish soccer.

SFK INVITED BY MIAMI FC - Colombian party!

The boys and girls from Soccer for Kids were part of the Colombian party organized by the Miami FC at FIU stadium in Miami. The little U3 and U10 players were chosen to accompany to the field the teams that would face each other that night, Miami FC and Indy eleven.



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