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European Soccer Showcase by Figo

The European showcase will have the presence of former Portuguese star Luis Figo, leading the tournament and sharing his international soccer experience, along with his technical staff with many UEFA coaches.

Bill Fisher: The Man Behind the Tournaments

Bill Fisher speaks slowly and with conviction. Every word, every phrase is a declaration of principles. The man who declares his taste for the Bible and Jason Bourne movies, bears on his shoulders the enormous responsibility of creating and developing the best soccer tournaments.

Soccer Moms Attack!

They are always busy multitasking. They prepare the uniforms, the meals, they take their children to training, games and they are their biggest fans and supporters: they are the soccer moms, mothers that dedicate a big part of their day to soccer, to their children.

Bahamas vs FBS-FC

The draw for the groups and match schedule took place in Miami; recently the Bahamas National Team showed its competitive level by facing the FBS-FC Pro Team. “The aim was to measure the level between both teams and to pursue integration among family, kids, parents and the club”, Francis Farberoff, President of FBS-FC, commented. Soccerplus was at the beach accompanying FBS-FC and its powerful development in Miami.

Searching for New Talent

The U-13 & U-14 Regional Showcase was a great opportunity for players from several clubs, among them Weston FC, to be assessed by the U.S. Soccer Federation Staff. The organization monitors players and club development through these types of events.

The Big 4 Muscle Groups

Muscles in your body work together as a team. They are responsible for maintaining posture and movement both of the body and within it. Muscles make it possible to walk, run, jump and play sports. Learn more about these four groups of muscles...

Luis Figo: Portuguese Legend

Growing up in the city of Almada, Figo was recognized by everyone because of his skills as a street soccer player. He used to play soccer every day with his friends where he developed his flair and creativity that helped him become a Portuguese legend.

SoccerPlus on the Field

Every week Soccerplus visits sport fields where the most interesting soccer is played: youth soccer. We were at Vista Park, in the city of Weston, during a sporting event between the Weston girls and GSA from Atlanta.



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