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James Rodríguez: Fighting Spirit

When James was a child, he was so shy that most of his classmates had heard him say only hesitant words due to his stutter. Fortunately, little James overcame that challenge and, what is more, he developed another way of communication: soccer

A Cat with 10 Lives

Jesus Purizaga, who earned the nickname of “El Gato” for his cat-like movements in his position as goalkeeper. “El Gato” works with kids from different clubs who want to improve their individual performance, “everything is achieved through perseverance and consistency”, he says. “I’m not interested in whether they have 500 medals. What I want is for them to have a chance to go to college someday”, he remarks while moving his hands.

Soccer and Friendship

The traditional and powerful Banfield Club from Argentina has its subsidiary in USA. Hernan Infantino, the team’s president in Miami, remarks that they’ve been coaching boys and girls in South Florida for over a year. The project came up because of his children’s need of socialization.

A Super Team

The FBS-FC is a Miami’s club with a clear vision about soccer, family, and its purpose as a sporting organization. With a great team of professional coaches, the Elite program is a pilot project whose purpose is to start an Academy with more competitive teams.

The Ball is Rolling

When the starting whistle sounds, the ball is in play. Very few realize the importance of the ball in the game of soccer. Technology has managed to create true works of art, which can stand up to being kicked hundreds of times and are a guarantee for players and coaches of what they are looking whether is power, placement, or curve kicking, the ball will follow the wanted flight trajectory.

Mexican Party!

It was an unforgettable night for everyone who attended the match between MIAMI FC vs CAROLINA RAILHAWKS, where mariachi bands, traditional dances, and a general Mexican flavor pervaded FIU Stadium.

The 4 Best Fruits For Athletes

As rich sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, fruits are essential to a healthy body. As a soccer player, not only will you improve your performance by adding fruits to your diet, you will also maximize your health with good nutrition.



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