Interview: Beymar Piraquive & Doral Soccer Club

Beymar Piraquive, president of Doral Soccer Club, is a man passionate about soccer. Piraquive is a strong and determined man looking to see changes in soccer in South Florida, at all levels: professional and youth, for that he has his own strategies. Soccer Plus tells his story and how hard he works with his club to improve each season, seeking to occupy the first places in tournaments.

When did you start your relationship with soccer?
I’m Colombian, I played in Colombia at amateur level. I’m involved in youth soccer since 15 years ago. I started as a volunteer, and then I became involved more and more. I really didn’t know that
I could manage children and young people well, which is very important to succeed as a director of a youth soccer club.

How long ago did you begin working?
The soccer program in the city of Doral began twelve years ago. It is licensed by the City of Doral to do it in the parks. And year after year we work to improve the program. Due to this work and the professors who are involved with us, we have improved a lot. We focus a lot on the basic part 7, 8 and 9 years old. Because we believe that if children between those ages, do not develop their motor skills, elasticity and learn to move in soccer, they would hardly achieved it at 14 years old.

How many teams does DSC have?
We have 21 teams in the competitive section, and I can proudly say that our players were trained here. They move from the recreational section to the competitive part. Very few clubs have this philosophy. Most clubs go out to seek players in other teams.

What are the key points of the Club’s work with the boys and girls?
We are focused on good education for young people and children. In order to be part of a competitive team, a boy must have good grades. A child or young person who is learning to play soccer, who is being trained must be well educated. Here we teach them to say hello, to say goodbye, we don’t only care about soccer.

What is the difference between Doral Soccer Club and other teams?
At Doral Soccer Club, we are a family and we care about having a good relationship with the children and their families. We are a good club and this is shown by the statistics of the league where expulsions are counted. We have very few youths expelled, very few parents. This year we only had five expelled all season.

In your club, is there female soccer growth?
Yes of course. This year the group of girls has increased. Last season we had about 80-90 girls. It’s not so easy to have competitive teams for girls, in the case of this area of Doral, they are not quite sure they want to play soccer competitively.

What do you offer to the boys and girls who come to your club?
We offer the truth: teach boys and girls to play soccer. We don’t offer College, or scholarships or trips abroad, because most clubs try to capture children that way. Some promise things that are not really going to happen, all for wanting to capture young people for their club.

8. What are the obstacles of youth soccer in Florida?
The teaching given to the children in public schools has a little bit to do. They are told they have to be two, three steps away from another child. Instead soccer is a contact sport. In South America, Central America, children spend time playing in the street, almost all day, having contact with one another, developing their skills, gaining experience. On the other hand, here in Miami, children need a team where they want to get, where to look. Unfortunately, some professional clubs have arrived but they lack a lot. Those who manage soccer in Florida, are not doing things well because these teams have no followers, no fans.

Name: Beymar Piraquive
Origin: Colombia
Profession: Business Administrator and Physical Education
Book: One hundred years of solitude
A word that defines him: Honesty
What bothers him: Hypocrisy
A place in the world: San Andrés, Colombia
Family: Sonia, his wife and his three sons: Jean Paul, Kevin y Junior.
Player he admires: Pelé