FBS-FC: Goals on the Beach

Beach soccer keeps growing in South Florida

Sun, sea, sand and goals: there is no better setting for playing soccer. Beach soccer is a variant of soccer played on a beach or some form of sand. Beach soccer started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and now it is an international sport that has taken hold in South Florida. Soccerplus was with Edgar Uribe of FBS-FC, who expressed the following ideas:

How many players does the Beach Soccer Club have?
The club serves around 175 children between ages 8 to 15.

How do players prepare physically for beach soccer?
Physical training takes at least 20 minutes. We also focus on technical training because it is crucial for the game of soccer.

What skills does a child who plays beach soccer develop?
The player mostly learns to run in the sand, ball control and the physical and technical aspects of the game.

Does the club hold any Beach Soccer tournament?
Yes, our club holds an international tournament in Fort Lauderdale to which we invite several of the surrounding clubs.

As the regional Beach Soccer qualifiers draw near, how do you think the U.S. National team stands?
The federation is currently being restructured and is bringing in many players. We have four players from South Florida and some other players from Virginia, Washington, California, and different areas as part of the same process of restructuring. I think we are doing very well and these changes are putting us on the track to reach our goal.

Are there any Florida or FBS players on the National Team?
At the moment, three FBS players are part of the National Team: Marcos, Aldo, Francis and I.

What has your career been like so far?
I have played for Santos from Brazil, Seattle Sander, FBAC and I’ve played for the U.S. National Team for several years. I have played at Brazilian championships, “mundialitos” and the America Cup. I have been among the top ten of the world.
Who is he?

Full name: Oscar Gil
Origin: American, Colombian parents
Date of birth: July, 22 1982
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Favorite team: Atlético Nacional (Medellín)
Favorite player: Vidal
Favorite food: Sushi