Face to Face

The Weston Cup & Showcase 2016 is analyzed by three of its protagonists.


What is the major vision regarding soccer in the City?
My vision for soccer in the City is to provide the best field and park environment, including the best pitches in South Florida, both natural and state of the art turn so that the soccer programs can focus on education, training, development, and teaching all aspects of the beautiful game and sportsmanship.

How much is the City budget for soccer this year?
The City does not break out expense by sport, whether soccer, baseball, or any other – rather our budget includes expenses for pitch maintenance and repairs, in addition to ongoing improvements as may be needed, which include capital expenses such as the installation of state of the art turf on 2 former hockey rinks and what will take place later this year on a number of pitches and other fields.

What is the City strategy in order to help the soccer growing in the community?
The focus to make grow soccer in the community rests on Weston FC and AYSO and how they grow or develop their respective programs. We believe in providing world class facilities to those who chose playing in our parks.

How would you like the people to remember Weston City after the Tournament?
I would hope that people remember our facilities, the restaurants and shops that they visit, the hotels they stay in, the courtesy of Weston’s residents and families, and their overall experience in our City, which was ranked in the Top 10 by Family Circle magazine.

A Club: Manchester City,
A player: DeAndre Yedlin
One word define yourself: Focused
A Book: “The Keeper”
Technical Director Weston Fc

How do you see the competitive level of Weston FC in the context of the United States?
Today, we are the No. 2 in the country and first ones in our conference. Two years ago we were the best team in the country in the competition of “Academies USSF”. We have promoted important players to lower divisions of professional football and the national team. We are definitely in the top five clubs in the country.

How is the response of the parents?
In the US, parents cover the costs of their children’s participation in sports. They are aware that this is a unique opportunity in their children’s lives and they make the sacrifice to make it happen.

What is most important for Weston FC, once the tournament is finished?
Having raced to the limit; players that compete with confidence, intensity and objectively. that as a group we achieve a good performance and may obtain important results. enjoy the experience with professionalism and respect.

We know that all children are important. Do you see any child or young person in particular that we should follow closely?
We have a team of homogeneous, competitive and talented players. Perhaps, our category 2001, GK Nico Hansen calls the attention since he has managed to excel playing two years above His age. But I think we have several players who can make a great tournament; it is a group with talent and character.

A Club: Arsenal F.C
A player: Lionel Messi
An Influence: My Dad.
A Book: “Teach like a
Technical Advisor USSF

How is football in Florida compared to other states?
Better than ever. thanks to the programs of the academies, football has become more competitive. the clubs train better and the quality of training improves competition between players in order to become the first team players. coaches are improving, players are improving and executives are improving. we are in a great time in florida, our players are sought national level and by universities.

What are your expectations for this tournament, in a sporting aspect?
My expectation is to see good games and to select players who can be considered for our training centers.

How do you see the organizational level of this tournament?
Excellent, every year is better. We must thank the directors of Weston Club for the great work and the vision they had to hire Bill Fisher.

What is the relevance to a club that participates in this tournament?
It’s great exposure. Weston FC tournament is the largest in the State of Florida and one of the largest in the country.

Why should a club participate in this tournament?
By the exposure this tournament brings, and …not to mention the exposure it brings if you win!

A Club: Estudiantes de La Plata
A player: Messi, for his leadership,
An Influence: My wife, my mom, my dad.
A Book: “Eleven ways to score a goal”