Cristian Morales Teaching Soccer with a Purpose

The young coach of FBS tells his story and his passion for the FBS in the city of Aventura

Text: Emmanuel Calderón

Since age 15 is dedicated to soccer. Friendly, with a deep knowledge on the sport, Cristian has come a long way to get to Miami and the FBS. He played in the National Team of Colombia U-15 and U-17, and professional teams as well known as the Cucuta Deportivo and Once Caldas. Here, he confesses it all with Soccerplus.

When did you start your career?
At 15 years old, almost without realizing it, I was becoming a professional. And there began my career with the support and blessing of my parents.

What aspect of soccer has helped you most?
Soccer is where you release your emotions and you truly realize who you are as a person, as a human being and as a professional.
When did your career as a youth coach begin?

A few years ago in Colombia, where I helped to coach some boys; but 5 years ago I began to coach some schools more formally in New York and New Jersey, and now in this great school that is FBS. I am directly involved with two competitive teams, U-10 and U-15.

What’s the most important thing you would like to teach children you train?
Something I tell my children, is that before being a soccer player you have to be a person. Everything you do at home, you do in soccer. And with that come many things. Also, be an organized person because in soccer is very important to have an organized team to score goals.

What does the FBS offer to families?
Many things. We rely on the development of boys and not on winning. We do pre-season (we have a great physical trainer), a recreational plan, pre-travel, development teams, and finally the travel teams that are really at competitive levels. Then, there is the development and identity. It would be easy to build a team only to win, but what we want is that as early as 10 or 12 years old, boys know what they can and can’t do, what they have and what they don’t have, and where they are heading.

How many teams does FBS have?
In the recreational area we have teams of kids of 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. And near the ages 7 or 8 years old, we begin to create development teams; and U-8 till U-15 teams.

What are the goals of the Club?
We also have teams of futsal and beach soccer where we always go to the biggest soccer beach tournament in Virginia; there we were champions last year. And this year we’ll comeback with a different U-12 team, and with a professional team that we always take with some coaches from here, and also from outside. Our goal is to keep growing.

Name: Cristian Camilo Morales
Age: 24 years old
Origin: Armenia, Colombia
Occupation: Professional player
Teams he has played for: Cúcuta Deportivo, National Team of Colombia U-15, Fusagasuga, National Team of Colombia U-17, Once Caldas, Cortulua, Unioautónoma. (Colombia)
Most admired team internationally: Atletico Nacional
Most admired player internationally: Messi
A movie: Harry Potter
A book: Harry Potter
Music: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaetón
Favorite food: Bandeja Paisa
A word that defines you: Maturity
What you most hate: Lying
Favorite place in the world: My home in Colombia

“I tell the kids to have fun, because many times they forget that soccer is a game and they start looking at it as an obligation”.