Boca Soccer School: A Young Club With The Support Of A Classic

With a few months of being founded, Boca is already in the race to become a benchmark. At the flawless facilities in North Miami Beach, Soccer Plus certifies the meticulous work of its people: coaches, parents, business and players.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, the coach, calls them fondly by name but firmly: To the field, let’s train! And all the kids -among 8 and 12 years old- run to take their place in training. If it wasn’t for their young age, one could say that it is a “professional” team training: well-uniformed, disciplined, cheerful, each one with a ball glued to his feet. And the coaches, each with his group, are giving explanations, calmly, without stress. After all, it’s an afternoon game for everyone, at the club that wears the colors gold and blue of the legendary Boca Juniors of Buenos Aires, Argentina, here in Miami.


“I think this club is very professional,
kids learn discipline and something very important,

Graciela Campagna, Mother.

“Here, they learn a lot about
respect, collaboration.
As parents, we are
super happy.”

Mariana Nolasco: Mother

“Here, discipline is instilled a lot.
My son loves it. I come with him every afternoon.
I find the Club spectacular.”

Daniela Misrahi: Mother
Michael Campagna
Team: U-12
Position: Midfielder
Age: 11 years
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi

David Campagna
Team: U-8
Position: Striker
Age: 8 years
Favorite Player: Diego Maradona

Tomás Nolasco
Team: U-8
Position: Right Midfielder
Age: 8 years
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi

Nicolás De La Torre
Team: U-12
Position: Left Midfielder
Age: 12 years
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi

Luca Misrahi
Team: U-6
Position: Forward
Age: 5 years
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi