Atletico Nacional USA: Soccer and Values

The Colombian team arrives in South Florida

The Colombian soccer now has its representative in South Florida. Fernando García, President of Atlético Nacional USA, states the team is training hard and has big goals for the future. In a short time, they have succeeded in getting many young people to become part of the club and embrace its values and playing style.

How did the idea emerge to have an Atlético Nacional official Club in Miami?
The Colombian team interviewed us five years ago. They realized that we were ready to be the official club of Atlético Nacional in Miami.

What is the club’s vision?
Educating through sport, our work is based on values. We encourage young people to have good nutrition. We also encourage them to love the team.

What are the club’s goals for the next tournaments?
We want to be part of The Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA), we are in the first stage of the process in this moment. We are thinking big for the future.

How old do children have to be in order to start with soccer?
We accept children from the age of 3 and a half to 16. We also have a U-20 team and an adult team which represent us in South Florida.

Do you work with the children on nutrition?
Yes, in fact, we ask them to bring a fruit because it is important to eat a fruit after a training session.

What does the club offer to the children’s families?
They see something very different in this club: we emphasize the importance of school. When a child is not doing very well, we help him improve his school performance; and we have achieved it.

What kind of level do the coaches have?
All of them are professional coaches.

Will the club have a tournament in Miami?
Yes, the tournament will take place from December 4 to 8, several teams from different countries will participate in the tournament.


Name: Fernando García
Place of birth: Colombia
Date of birth: March 6
favorite team: Atlético Nacional
Favorite player: Ronaldinho Gaucho
Favorite food: Asopao de Mariscos


Leider Hernán
Fitness coach U23
Director of coaching
Atlético Nacional USA

What has your soccer career been like so far?
I have a Bachelor degree in Physical Education and I am also a soccer coach. I played for Nacional and América from Calí. Addittionally, I am a sport training teacher.

What do you think about the competitive soccer level in South Florida?
I think the game is enriched by the many Latino players, and that raises the level of the game.

How did you get involved in soccer?
My father always played soccer and he wanted me to become a soccer player. Furthermore, I always liked soccer.