6 Reasons to eat Walnuts   

These superfoods in a shell are healthier than you think. There are so many reasons why you should be eating walnuts. They are tasty, crunchy and perhaps one of the top reasons is: they are good for you!

Here are 6 reasons to add walnuts to your diet everyday:

1. Muscles
They are the only nut that contains a meaningful amount of protein, a nutrient that is important for building muscles, and repairing muscles after workout.

2. Energy
Walnuts are considered a good source of energy, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients. They are appreciated by recreational and endurance athletes alike.

3. Nutrition
Plenty of vitamins can be found in walnuts, including calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and manganese, which are critical to an athlete’s nutrition.

4. Brain health
Walnuts are the top nut for brain health not just because of its wrinkled brain-like appearance, but since they have a high concentration of omega-3 fats.

5. Strong bones
They are rich in copper, which is required by the body for bone and connective tissue production. It helps with the absorption of calcium into the bone.

6. Good sleep
Did you know that good sleep can improve speed, accuracy, and reaction time in athletes? Walnuts contain melatonin a compound that helps improve your sleep.