FORBES : 10 Most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World in 2016

Based on certain revenue metrics (television agreements, brand value, matchday revenue, and other variables), the prestigious magazine Forbes has released its annual list of the most valuable soccer teams in the world. The ranking showed no change in the top four positions, and revealed, as it often does, that soccer is the most lucrative sport on the planet. As in previous years, the Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona are still at the top of the list.

1. REAL MADRID $3.65 billion
2. BARCELONA $3.55 billion
3. MANCHESTER UNITED $3.32 billion
4. BAYERN MUNICH $2.68 billion
5. ARSENAL $2.02 billion
6. MANCHESTER CITY $1.92 billion
7. CHELSEA $ 1.66 billion
8. LIVERPOOL $1.55 billion
9. JUVENTUS $1.3 billion
10. TOTTENHAM $1.02 billion

Stories and Goals: Soccerplus has supported South Florida’s soccer and its protagonists

It has been already 16 editions that have brought the best soccer stories to more than 900.000 readers in Florida. Soccerplus was born to be the first means of communication -print and online- 100% dedicated to local soccer, from 3-year-old future stars to the youth who are part of the US National Team in different divisions. And everything enriched by stories from parents, soccer moms, coaches, club’s presidents, sports directors and sponsors. This page is an acknowledgement for some of the teams that we have featured in our pages, acknowledgement that we will continue on our first January edition 2017. Thanks again to you all, and we will be here to continue telling stories next year.

Clubs that we have covered
Kendall Soccer Coalition
Kendall Hammocks Lightning
Doral Soccer Club
West Pines FC
Pinecrest Premier SC
Atlético Nacional
PSG Academia
Plantation FC
Miami FC
Miami United
Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
Boca Juniors
Little Haiti FC
Juventus Academy
Miami Caymans
Real Miami FC
Banfield Miami Soccer Academy
Brazilian Soccer Training Center

2016 Year in Review

Take a look back at the best images of our most outstanding Soccerplus readers during our first year! Coaches, players and soccer stars!!!!

Nicaragua National Team: Total Defense

Taylor Valle, a talented girl who is passionate about soccer

She is a talented girl who dreams of playing college soccer. Taylor Valle, born to a Nicaraguan father and an American mother, has been a standout on the Nicaragua national team and plans to keep playing with the U17 girls squad.

taylorvalle (5)

Who inspired you to play soccer?
My father, he was born in Nicaragua. He played soccer when he was a kid in Nicaragua.

Tell us about your experience on the Nicaragua girls’ national team
It went really well. Last summer I was in Nicaragua, and I became part of the U17 Nicaragua girls’ team. I will come back soon to keep training with them and get my Nicaraguan ID card.

Which Club team do you play for and where do you train?
I play for Weston FC and I train at J10 Academy where the great majority of players are boys. This makes it easier for me to play against girls. I am a better soccer player since I joined J10, I have also made a lot of friends.

What are your goals for the future?
I want to play college soccer division 1. If I’m still interested in playing soccer after that, I will be going to Nicaragua to do so.

What do you do outside of training to become a better player?
I go to the gym twice a week. Also, I try to go for a jog in the morning. I am looking for ways to improve my eating habits.

What is your favorite memory as a soccer player?
My time in Nicaragua. Soccer is different over there. I think because there is nothing else to do there, just play soccer. And here in Miami, there are a lot of places to visit and many different things to do. Soccer is everything over there.

Who is she?

Full name: Taylor Valle
Age: 16
Birthday: February 3
Position: Defender
Favorite food: Queso frito
Favorite team: Barcelona
Favorite player: Messi
Father: Erick Valle

Jayzinho: The No.1 in Free Style

His Amazing Skill with the Ball

Born to a Chilean father and an Italian mother, Jayzinho, known as JZ, is an idol of thousands of young people in the world, for his ability with the soccer ball. “As a child I used to train with my soccer ball between five and six hours a day, I started playing at the age of three and professionally at the age of 17. I played in France, two and a half years, in Chile, and for the U20 Canada National Team”, Jayzinho commented before starting his training session at J10 in Miami. “Ronaldinho was my idol, he did many tricks and had a great style. Before training I did many tricks with my foot on the ball”. Jayzinho became so good that Adidas signed him and gave him a Free Style contract to travel and give demonstrations all over the world. Also, he became the number one in free style.

freestyler (2)

More Success
After that event, EA SPORTS asked him to make a well-known video game called FIFA STREET with JZ’s moves. In the production they had him wear a suit with sensors that recorded all of his movements in order to use them in the game. They also gave him his own character in the game. This video game became the most sold in Europe and the third worldwide. His movements are also in FIFA 2013. “Additionally, from this experience, I was able to meet Barcelona star Leonel Messi since he would be on the cover of the video game,” says JZ with pride. “It was one of the best moments of my life. The most incredible thing was to see how humble Messi is”, he remarks, “I said thank you for giving so many beautiful moments to the world soccer”. Then he gave me a hug and said, “thank you for giving me this big moment”, because he also wanted to meet me.

To achieve the dreams
For JZ, the key to success is a lot of work. “I was crazy about soccer. Once I was playing in my backyard, I made a video and it went viral all over the world. Thanks to the ability that I developed spending hours and hours training with the ball, I became known and I now travel around the world giving demonstrations. For me, it is very inspiring when kids contact me to say that I did something useful for their lives. That I changed their lives in a positive way”, says JZ.

Constant Work
During the summer Jayzinho tours with the Cheetos and Adidas brands. “I’m going to release many videos on my channel because a lot of fans are asking me to. For next year a new video game is expected with EA”.

Soccer Academy
“My passion right now is my Academy. It’s my life; I love it with all my heart. I love watching the kids’ progress. There is nothing better than to see how kids improve and fulfill their goals”, JZ explains about the soccer academy that he directs in Miami, J10. “I received a call from a girl who was with us for three years, she was crying with joy because she received a scholarship to study at FIU. She is a girl who suffered a cruciate ligament twice, and this affects you a lot physically and mentally. And yet she achieved her goal. What we do is very different, I combine what I learned in France and Chile”.

Florida’s Soccer
JZ has a very clear opinion about the development of soccer in Florida: “It is a very rigid game, they look like robots, where there is no creativity. There is no game style, like Argentine or Brazilian style. Here, they do not play with that one-on-one ability. We need more players like Neymar or Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo”, he says. What these players have is developed through training and this is what we do here at J10 Academy, we focus on technique and in one-on-one ability. It is necessary to give the kids more confidence, more freedom on the field, because soccer comes from inside the player”. He finishes saying “there is the coach who guides and brings direction, but I think the player should be given some freedom”.

Smaller is better
I grew up in a futsal environment. I did not see the big court until I was 9 years old. That really happens in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil; very talented, super technical players are formed there, who play in small spaces, play faster, so when they reach the big court is easier for them.

Tips for the kids
JZ says it’s always best to play on the street, on the beach, on the grass or anywhere. Be always with the ball. If a kid wants to succeed in soccer, he must be 24 hours a day with the ball. Make the ball be your best friend.

Before a demonstration
Before going on stage, JZ prays to God, “because dominating the ball when you are alone is easy, but when you have to do it in a stadium in front of 90 thousand people who have great expectations about what you are going to do, that is something else”, he says. “When I go on stage, I only see the ball and I see nothing more than that.”

Who is he?

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada
Favorite food: Pasta (made by his grandmother and mother)
Favorite player: Ronaldinho, Pirlo
Favorite team: Milan
Hobby: Travelling
Favorite book: I think, therefore I play
Favorite music: Salsa, House, Hip Hop
Favorite place: Barcelona
Family in Miami: His wife

“I will use my success to benefit others in an inspiring way”

Thanks Giving: Tireless

The latest Thanksgiving tournament gathered hundreds of teams and soccer moms at Plantation. Here are some comments about it

What does it mean to be a soccer mom?
It´s being our children´s support, on and off the field, and it also implies a monetary support. Sometimes we get tired but it´s a sacrifice we do for them.

Nathalia Pinero
Son: Nathan, 18 years old

What does a soccer mom do?
First of all, we highly support the player, we provide good meals for our children, make them sleep, rest, and be ready to come and play.The trips are hard but worth it because it´s for the kids’ future. It involves not doing personal things to support them, and that they may see us here and that way impact their lives, that they may feel supported and also bringing them to training to teach them to be responsible.

Dolly Marin
Son: Michael Wilchez, 18 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Have a lot of time to invest in them; additionally, a good throat to scream, time to travel and a lot of commitment and sacrifice. We must also be on top of their nutrition.

Judith Semprun
Son: Andrés Semprum, 18 years old

What does a soccer mom do?
Dedication, time, motivation, because the truth is that when you have a kid that starts playing early on in his life, it requires a lot of attention, it requires a lot of support; it’s not only about dropping him off at the field, it’s being there in every moment and supporting them mainly in the games. You got to be responsible as a parent and teach them to be responsible with their trainings. My child might not want to eat before the game but I’m on top of him to make sure he eats. The cost is high, but it’s worth it, especially when they win and keep up good grades; for us it is very important that they keep up good grades.

Wendy Bennett
Son: Jahir Cuéllar, 18 years old

What are the key aspects of a soccer mom?
Responsibility, total dedication, support, being constant and showing a lot of love for what our children like. We take many trips where we make memories, we share with each other and get to know different places, other parents, and we love it….!!!

Gardelis Valdiviezo
Son: Arnaldo Valdiviezo, 16 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Mainly time to invest in them, take them back and forth to trainings and a total commitment so that they can be there at every training and game. The games are always during the weekends and holidays, so we must be very disciplined so that they can accomplish their goals.

Rosa Alfonso
Son: Johan Gamez, 12 years old

What does a soccer mom need the most?
Well….time! because you must take them back and forth; total commitment with them, and mainly time and patience because of the traveling. In our case we come from Naples, it’s a two-hour trip, but we’re happy to bring our son.

Jeydi Santos
Son: Steven Santos, 13 years old

What do you need to be a soccer mom?
Flexibility and patience. A soccer mom must be the team’s support. At United we are a family; we have fun and keep each other company. We make sure our kids eat good meals, the right portions; we make sure they rest and that everything is in order before the tournaments, my husband is mainly very strict with this, making sure our son eats before the game, during and after. We travel across Florida, we travel to National Tournaments, and it’s hard but fun. The soccer season lasts 10 months, we rest during the summer and between seasons, and it has an impact on our social life, but we enjoy it a lot.

Magic Fruits: The Ideal Food for Athletes

Almonds, walnuts, chestnuts and prunes are dried fruits. They are so called because they contain very little water. However, they hold high amounts of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help you become a strong athlete.

Dried fruits are an important source of protein, they hold about 15-20%. Proteins maintain muscle structure working properly. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that they are plant proteins, and therefore they have beneficial health effects, since in contrast to animal proteins they do not contain cholesterol.

The main characteristic of dried fruits is their extremely high level of unsaturated fats. About 50-70% of their total composition is unsaturated fats. These fats are known as “good fats”, they protect against cardiovascular diseases. A high level of fats contributes with the appropriate fuel to subject your body to significant physical stress.

Not only dried fruits hold a high level of healthy fats but are also mostly composed of hydrates of carbon. Carbohydrates are energy-yielding nutrients also known as glucide. These carbohydrates are transformed into glucose so that the body can absorb them. Glucose is essential for proper muscle function (the muscles have their own glucose storage)


1 Walnuts
Due to their high healthy fats content, they help us forget about hunger because of their satiating power. Additionally, they hold high amounts of group B vitamins, which act against fatigue and stress. They provide large amounts of fiber and manganese.

2 Chestnuts
They are also a great source of proteins, and one of the dried fruits containing fewer calories since they have half the calories than the rest of them. They stand out for their high content of water, vitamins, and beneficial minerals, which help recharge the body and keep it healthy.

3 Peanuts
They are very important due to their energy value. They are rich in vitamin B3, and folic acid. They also contain a great percentage of calcium, which helps to synthesize proteins properly. Peanuts are seeds with low water content but rich in fats, with a high nourishing value that helps recover from a physical intense workout.

4 Almonds
They hold a high content in fiber, which will ease the muscular recovery after training. Did you know that eating a handful of almonds before training provides the necessary energy for the workout you are about to do? However, both before and after a workout, we should be cautious and just eat a handful and not large amounts.

Zinadine Zidane: The Simple Hero

Star of the France National Soccer Team, player and now head coach of Real Madrid, Zidane is an icon of world soccer.

At age four he was already riding a bicycle and at six he was practicing judo. Zinedine Zidane, the great French player, current Real Madrid Head Coach, has been immersed in sports all of his life. Endowed with exceptional muscular strength, an exquisite technique with the ball and a global vision of the field and the game, the French player of Algerian descent is an icon of modern soccer.

String of successes

To speak of Zinedine is to speak of two great European clubs, Juventus of Italy and Real Madrid of Spain. Both teams enjoyed the talent of Zinedine, where he shined and helped win the most prestigious tournaments, such as the Italian League, Spanish League and Super Cup, Intercontinental Cups, as well as the personal titles he achieved, such as the Ballon d’Or , just to name a few.

A Winner’s timeline

At the age of 17 he was already playing for Cannes in France. He quickly began to stand out and made his debut with the France National Soccer Team on August, 17, 1994, scoring two goals to the Czech Republic. On April 25, 2006, he confirmed that he would retire from professional soccer at the end of the World Cup in Germany. After retiring, he dedicated himself to charity matches and events and his role as a UNICEF ambassador. On Monday, January 4, 2016, he took over the bench of Real Madrid to lead the club for the first time.

Zizou, as he is known, has been considered the best midfielder of history, by FIFA. All the soccer clubs study his videos to analyze his movements, his vision, and his intelligence. In addition, he helps noble causes around the world, as ambassador of UNESCO. For many reasons Zidane is called the elegant and simple hero, a title that suites him perfectly.

Full name: Zinedine Zidane
Nickname: Zizou
Place of birth: Marseille, France
Date of birth: June 23, 1972
Parents: Smail and Malika
Religion: Islam
Family: Wife, Veronica and 4 children
Hobbies: Sailing and spearfishing

Cannes (France, 87-92)
Girondins (France, 92-96)
Juventus (Italy, 96-2001)
Real Madrid (Spain, 2001-2006)

Championships won as a player

1 UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1995
1 Intercontinental Cup: 1996
1 UEFA Super Cup: 1996
2 Serie A: 1996–97, 1997–98
1 Supercoppa Italiana: 1997
1 FIFA World Player of the Year – Bronze award 1997
1 FIFA World Cup: 1998
1 Ballon d’Or – 1998
1 UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1999
1 UEFA European Football Championship: 2000
1 UEFA Super Cup: 2002
1 Intercontinental Cup: 2002
1 La Liga: 2002–03
1 Supercopa de España: 2003
FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players
FIFA World Player of the Year – 2000
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball – 2006


“He was a player, and it shows because he has a different way of approaching things”.
Sergio Ramos

“Everyone at Real Madrid feels that joy came back when he arrived in January. As a team we have improved.”
Toni Kroos

“I hope he can continue because I admire him as a person and as a coach.”
Cristiano Ronaldo

At The End of 2016

Plantation FC held one of the most anticipated tournaments at the end of the year. There different clubs met to participate and enjoy soccer in Family. Look at the images we found:





















teamswelove (1)



Tommy Degen, MVP YOUTH 2016

An exclusive interview with Miami United FC young promise after being awarded the MVP Youth.

Most commonly known as Tommy, with a Cuban mom and a Swiss dad, he is a gifted player that has become MIAMI UNITED FC new youth star.At only 20 years old, he plays in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) along with world-class soccer players. Tommy has the quality and strength to be among the best youth soccer players in the United States.

How do you feel after having won the MIAMI UNITED FC’s MVP Youth award?
I feel very happy, but I believe this is just a baseline. I’m very grateful, but I don’t boast because I haven’t gotten where I want to be.

At what age did you start playing soccer?
I think that I’ve been kicking since I was in my mother’s womb – he comments while laughing – I actually started playing when I was 4 years old.

Who influenced you to play soccer?
My dad taught me some things about soccer, because he played it for a while.

How did you make it to Miami United?
Two years ago, I showed up to the club’s tryouts and after that, I was signed by the team. In 2014, we won the Sunshine State Conference Cup, and also in 2016.

What’s been your experience like in the team?
It’s been very positive. Imagine playing next to Adriano who was the World Cup’s champion, and also “Rambo” de León, another player with a lot of experience who won the team’s MVP award. I never thought I would be playing with them. I think it’s a blessing for me. I am the MUFC’s youngest player, officially signed up for the senior team.

What are your goals for the future?
My first goal is to become the best in the United States and then make it to Europe. The competition here in Miami is strong because there are a lot of players coming from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

What advice would you give to other kids?
Don’t listen to what others have to say about you. You will always find people who will say: you won’t reach your goals, but you must always fight for your goals and your passion for soccer.

How many times do you train?
I always train. I try to touch the ball every day. I’m with the ball three to four hours a day.

How do you take care of what you eat?
I’m not very strict with what I eat, but I can’t miss my protein shake. I go to the gym. At first, I used to go every day because I only weighed 120 pounds, and now I weigh 145. When I got to the United I gained weight; I needed more muscle, because the rest of the players were very strong.

Who are your closest teammates at Miami United FC?
José Lara and Ezequiel Tejera.

Full name:
Thomas Andrés Degen
Age: 20 years old
Date of birth: February 17, 1996
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Place: Switzerland
Favorite Team: Bayern Munich
Quality that you like most about someone: Honesty
What you like the least: Being a liar
Family: His mother Danae and his sister Carla


Tommy Degen, MVP YOUTH 2016
La joven promesa del fútbol del Miami United FC, en exclusiva luego de ser nombrado Jugador Más Valioso de los Jóvenes.

De madre cubana y padre suizo, Tommy, como lo llaman, es un jugador talentoso que se ha convertido en la nueva estrella juvenil del MIAMI UNITED FC. Con solo 20 años, juega ya en la NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) junto a jugadores de talla mundial. Tommy tiene la calidad y la fuerza para estar entre los mejores jugadores jóvenes de soccer en Estados Unidos.

¿Cómo te sientes después de ganar el trofeo como MVP Youth de MIAMI UNITED FC?
Me siento muy contento. Pero considero que esto solo es un baseline. Lo agradezco mucho. Pero no esto no me agranda porque aún no he llegado a donde quiero llegar.

¿A qué edad empezaste a jugar soccer?
Yo creo que desde el vientre de mi mami ya daba patadas – comenta mientras ríe- En realidad inicié a jugar soccer a los 4 años.

¿Quién te influyó para jugar soccer?
Mi papá me enseñó algunas cosas del soccer, porque el jugó durante un tiempo.

¿Cómo llegaste al equipo Miami United?
Hace dos años me presenté a los tryouts del club y de allí me ficharon en el equipo. En el 2014 ganamos la copa Sunshine State Conference y en el 2016 también.

¿Y cómo ha sido tu experiencia en el equipo?
Ha sido muy positiva. Imagínate jugar al lado de Adriano que fue campeón de la Copa del Mundo. Y también con “Rambo” de León, otro jugador de gran experiencia, que ganó el MVP del equipo. Yo nunca pensé que estaría jugando con gente de este nivel. Creo que es una bendición para mí. Soy el jugador más joven del MUFC, fichado oficialmente para el equipo mayor.

¿Cuáles son tus planes a futuro?
Mi primera meta es llegar a ser el mejor de Estados Unidos. Para luego llegar a Europa. La competencia es fuerte aquí en Miami porque vienen muchos jugadores de Argentina, Brasil, y Colombia.

¿Qué consejo darías a otros chicos?
Que no hagan caso a los que otros digan de ti. Siempre vas a encontrar personas que te dirán: no llegarás a cumplir tus metas. Pero siempre debes luchas por tus metas, por tu pasión por el soccer.

¿Cuántas veces entrenas?
Yo siempre entreno. Trato de tocar un balón todos los días.
Tres a cuatro horas al día estoy con el balón.

¿Cómo cuidas tu alimentación?
No soy tan estricto con la comida, pero no me puede faltar mi shake de proteína. Y voy a gimnasio. En un inicio iba todos los días porque solo pesaba 120 libras. Y ahora estoy en 145. Cuando llegué al United subí de peso, pues necesitaba más músculos porque el resto de los jugadores eran bastante fuertes.

¿Quiénes son tus compañeros más cercanos en el Miami United FC?
José Lara y Ezequiel Tejera.